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Gokart Overtaking Onboard Champions Race Highlights

Angelar Garage racing champions race Nov 2012


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Super Fast Indoor Go Kart Racing
This is a Xtreme Indoor Karting in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. These carts are really fast indoor go karts and they are so much fun. This is video of the "championship," race.The go pro camera was mounted to the top of the helmet with a suction cup mount.

Go-kart onboard. Overtaking attempts
Got a fast kart today, constantly trying to overtake, but not successful.

LEWIS HAMILTON - Karting (wins from the back!)
Buckmore Park 1998 - JICA class - watch that incredible Hamilton racing instinct at work as he dispatches the entire field to win in style!

DAN WHELDON MEMORIAL KART RACE How to overtake Jenson Button

2003 Winter Offroad Trial - Prototypes
Tallinn, Estonia, February 2003. Part 2 - racing class "Proto" Watch class "Standard" and "Original" in part 1 @ http://youtu.be/PVc-Ti3sUF4

Subaru Impreza Peoples Rally
Haapsalu Rahvasprint 12.04.2014

Go Karting highlights at Silhouette Karts 2011.....Filmed with GoPro HD Hero...THE FINAL CUT
A mixture of action and crashes from a years fun at Silhouette Karts....Enjoy

Learning how to drive a Subaru Impreza
Auto24ring, cross track First time on a track with Subaru Impreza GT Wet conditions 0C (32F)

Science of Driving DVD - Driving Techniques - Wrench 2 Win
The science of Driving DVD is a instructional Karting video that teaches you driving techniques braking,cornering, accelerating, picking your apex points, passing. It also focuses on mental preparation and physical training. If your looking to get faster in karting then the Science of Driving will help you get faster. 110 minutes long. wwww.bbrkarting.com

AUTOINC SKC 2012 - Juniors - Round 2 Highlights - Singapore Karting Championship
Watch the highlights from the Singapore Karting Championship 2012 Juniors Round 2 at the new SKC Marina Bay Circuit. Competitive drivers. Fast Karts. Quick lap times. Expect nothing less at the Singapore Karting Championship 2012! Hosted at the Singapore F1 Circuit, and Kartright Speedway from April to December 2012, the twisty technical track will provide exciting close races for drivers and fans alike. Drivers will make up 5 classes of racing from young children to adult categories. This year's championship will include all the racing action, giveaways, entertainment, celebrity guests including pro race drivers, expert commentary and TV screens. Come down to catch Singapore's only National Motorsport Championship in 2012 - it promises to be a magnificent show! Thank you to series partners AUTOINC, Eurosports Lotus, McElrea Racing, Havelock Speedway, Tanyo Consulting. Commentary by Yuey Tan and Jon Flinn Produced by The Film Dispensary - http://www.thefilmdispensary.com

Karting Theory- The Racing Line
Lesson explaining the racing line and how to go about choosing the correct racing line.

BMW race track onboard video
Rapla Kart circuit, Estonia, wet and slippery, +3C Rapla kardirada

Kimbolton Karting, Rotax 177 Final onboard with Kelvyn Woodhead 11/9/11, LOTS OF OVERTAKING GoPro HD
Me racing at Kimbolton Kart Track Bad day after being wiped out by bandits in 2 heats which put me way back in the pack for the final. Massve thanks to: Mum & Dad Gary Munro @ GFM Motorsport James @ Kart Graffix Filmed using GoPro HD

Racing Crashes and Car Fails On-board Camera Compilation #4 2013
Car Crash Dash Cam On-board Camera Compilation #4. This week we look at racing crashes. Top car crash videos all rolled into ONE! Channel is updated every couple of days. Like & Subscribe to my channel for weekly updates. Thanks for Watching, drive safe!

Go Kart Crash Compilation
Various go kart crash clips

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1999 Dodge Viper GTS Twin Turbo: 6.963 @ 215.750
Sal Patel, Engine: 576 cid V10, Turbos: Twin Precision 91mm Tires: M/T 315/60/15 Drag Radials

2002 Dodge Viper Jerry Bickel: 7.190 @ 185.780
Ron Siegal, Engine: 540 mopar, Tires: 33 x 17 x 15 goodyear

1998 Dodge Viper Twin Turbo: 7.530 @ 197.650
Lee Saunders,

1998 Dodge Viper GTS: 7.788 @ 169.000
Chris Orthodoxou, Engine: 604, Supercharger: no Turbos: no Tires: goodyear

2001 Dodge Viper Heffner Twin Turbo: 7.996 @ 177.060
Chad, Engine: V10, Turbos: Twin Turbo

2009 Dodge Viper : 8.500 @ 168.000
matt, Engine: 522 ci stroker , Turbos: 76 mm Tires: M/T full slicks

1996 Dodge Viper Stryker TTRS: 8.540 @ 174.000
Ron Misjak Jr. (SVS), Engine: 488cid, Turbos: GTS 76 front mount Tires: Hoosier DOT street

2002 Dodge Viper Heffner Twin Turbo GTS: 8.751 @ 163.420
Gary Javo,

1996 Dodge Viper GTS: 8.780 @ 154.100
T. Darwin, Engine: Pro mod, Tires: Goodyear

2003 Dodge Viper SRT Vert Removeable Hardtop: 8.894 @ 158.320
Nate Montieth, Engine: 522, Supercharger: Paxton Novi 2K Tires: m/t 16

1998 Dodge Viper GTS GT-35s Turbo: 8.900 @ 150.000
Roy, Engine: 488 cu in, Turbos: GT-35s Tires: M/T street radials

1999 Dodge Viper : 9.080 @ 156.810
Hugh Hoard, Engine: V-10, Supercharger: 2 Vortech

1996 Dodge Viper GTS: 9.160 @ 154.320
Ron Misjak Jr. (SVS), Engine: 488ci Viper V-10, Supercharger: no Turbos: Twins Tires: Hoosier (dot slicks)

2003 Dodge Viper SRT: 9.320 @ 150.290
Lyle Larson, Engine: V 10, Supercharger: Yes Turbos: NO Tires: M&H

2001 Dodge Viper GTS: 9.450 @ 157.000
jeff keisner, Turbos: Heffner Twin Turbo

2001 Dodge Viper gts: 9.456 @ 152.000
albert (RSI Rohn), Engine: stroker,

2006 Dodge Viper Supecharged and Nitrous: 9.474 @ 153.180
Nine Ball, Engine: Built Motor, Supercharger: Paxton Novi2000 Tires: Mickey Thompson 345/35-18 drag radial

1999 Dodge Viper RT 10: 9.480 @ 145.220
BIG GUN -SCOTT WIECK, Engine: DODGE V-10, Supercharger: NONE Turbos: NONE

1998 Dodge Viper GTS TWIN TURBO: 9.610 @ 140.358
Roy Harrigill, Engine: 488 cu in, Turbos: T4 Frame GT 35Rs Tires: Michelin

1997 Dodge Viper GTS: 9.620 @ 149.760
Tom Welch, Engine: 488 ci, Supercharger: no Turbos: no Tires: M/T E.T. Street


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