Racing Dynamics Strut Brace Install on BMW

An install video I put together explaining how to properly explain a strut brace on a BMW E39 5-series. The strut brace is designed and manufactured by Racing Dynamics

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BMW Stress Bar Installation
This tutorial shows the process of installing a Bavarian Autosport aluminum stress bar for an E46 BMW 3 Series. A stress bar locks the top of your 3 series' strut towers together to improve chassis stiffness and handling. The result is greater stability in hard cornering and better handling.

Strut Bar - Explained
What is a strut bar? How does a strut bar work? What forces act on the strut bar through the suspension? A strut bar, or tower bar, connects the top strut towers together, in order to increase the rigidity of a vehicle by allowing both strut towers to react to compression and tensile forces. A strut bar plays a larger role for MacPherson strut vehicles, however it can still be important in vehicles with double wishbones as well for compensating vertical forces. Check out the strut bars from this video at: Front Strut: upper-MR-SB-HC8800FU Rear Strut: pper-MR-SB-HC88RU You may also want to know more about the suspension types discussed in this video. Suspensions: MacPherson Strut: Double Wishbone Suspension: Please feel free to rate, comment, and subscribe! And don't forget to check out my Facebook page: Also check out my official website: Make suggestions, participate in forums, learn through logically ordered lessons, read FAQs, and plan your future! Now on Twitter: NEW VIDEO EVERY WEDNESDAY!

Test Drive After Install of Racing Dynamics Strut Brace
After installing my strut brace I wanted to see if I could feel any difference with the steering and feeling of the suspension. I was immediately impressed by how much the strut brace reduced flexing and movement between the two strut towers. I don't know why something like this did not come stock on the E39. In my opinion this is the cheapest/easiest mod you can do and immediately get something out of it

TFS: How To Build A Custom Strut Tower Brace
A 15 year fabrication secret demonstrated as the Fabricator shows you step by step how to build a custom tubular Strut Tower Bar on a Nissan S13 240sx with a tube front end. How To Notch Tubes Without A Tube Notcher: This episode is brought to you in part by IHeartGussets. Be sure to check out the latest and more at "The World's Best CNC Laser Cut Dimple Die Panels on the planet." Just use the hashtag #IHeartGussets Gussets in video can be found here: Subscribe to TheFabricator YouTube channel for more great episodes! Subscribe to my channel for MORE! Check out the website: Like: Follow: IG @The.Fabricator