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Yamaha Aerox twin halogen Headlight

My Yamaha Aerox twin halogen Headlight carbon fibre with blue LEDs


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rutjes carbon aerox
carbonizzed roxxer

Yamaha Aerox H.I.D 6000K
Yamaha Aerox H.I.D system 6000K

(1) How to build HID projector headlights
Part 1 of 4. In this part you will see how to remove the lens, remove the reflector, level the reflector, and confirm your halogen aim.

Aerox Lights :)
My Aerox ♥ :D

Xenon orange aerox.

Nel seguente video mostro come è possibile realizzare pezzi in simil carbonio in neanche 5 minuti! www.youtuneit.org

Egümotors : STR8 Első lámpa, Black-Line, Aerox/Nitro
Cikkszám: STR-608.40

Aerox Project 2010
Verkocht! Mijn aerox project 2010 deel 1. Dit is vanaf ik me scooter kocht tot me scooter opgeknapt was. Helaas erna nog een ongeluk gehad. Deze zal binnenkort worden geupload. Kijk ook even mijn andere video's. Vragen? Kan via privé bericht of via een reactie. Set up: Cilinder: Standaart 50cc Tuned Uitlaat: Yasuni R Vario: Malossi Multivar Koppeling: Top Performance race koppeling 107mm Tosnelheid: Onbekend BHP: 6,4 PK Afstelling: Rollen: Malossi 16x13 4,7GR Drukveer: Malossi Geel Extra Verstevigd Trekveertjes: Malossi MHR Zwart V-snaar: Malossi X-Spec Sproeier: DG 78 (Door EPC) Extra's: [x]Afstellen door EPC [x]Stage 6 chroom rem hevels CNC type II [x]Soundboard 2x Sony 130W Speakers [x]Teller Houder [x]Remblokjes Aerox [x]Koso DB-01R Teller [x]YSS-Diamond 290mm [x]Koplamp TNT + Raw (wit) [x]Led Relais Universeel 2 Polig [x]Achterlicht Glas Aerox [x]Beenschild Aerox zwart Metallic [x]Treeplank Aerox Zwart [x]NGK Bougie BR8HS [x]Buzetti Chroom Zijstandaart [x]Nieuwe Achterband Aerox [x]NieuweVoorband Aerox [x]Beplatings boutset - Yamaha Aerox - Zwart [x]2x 12V LED Strip Blauw 24 cm - waterdicht [x]Achterlicht - Black-line - Knipperlicht ingebouwd [x]SPY Scooter Alarm 2010 Waterproof - Afstand Starten [x]Str8 EVO 2 Audi lamp + witte leds + oranje knipperlicht ingebouwd [x]4x Gaas - Sport - 30x30 cm - Wit[x]Kickstart pedaal - Yamaha Aerox Zwart[x]BCD Zwart-wit Handvaten

led in koplamp

Halogen Headlight Bulb Replacement
Find more information about "Electrical and Lighting" on the Dennis Kirk website: http://bit.ly/Ikikfg Halogen bulbs are similar to regular incandescent bulbs but have a small amount of halogen gas added. The addition of the gas allows the bulb to burn brighter, and is why they are commonly used where brighter light is needed, such as this headlight and assembly. The use of halogen in the bulb creates a small caveat, in that because the bulb burns brighter and uses more power, any oils from your fingers can cause the bulb to fail prematurely. Even freshly washed hands will emit oils that could ruin the bulb. It is essential that you do not touch the bulb with your bare hands when installing. There's a few options for ensuring that this does not happen. Many bulbs include a small painted tip to help with handling. You could also use a cloth or wear gloves when handling a halogen bulb. For most headlight fixtures the process for replacing a bulb is simple and can easily be performed without touching the bulb with your bare hands. I'm going install this bulb into this Drag Specialties headlight now. Should your bare hands come into contact with a halogen bulb, you can carefully clean the oils off the surface with alcohol. Ensure that the bulb is completely dry before installing it and turning the light of for the first time.

Yamaha Aerox 100ccm
Nic dodać, nic ująć ;) Kryspinów Zalew ;)

Yamaha Aerox 2008 Model Modified
Aerox tastefully Modified! What you think???

Yamaha Aerox Project By Kowuś
Check this out :) Setup below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqjClpzQjaQ - Aerox by Kowuś cz.2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1D681PcXpiE - Aerox by Kowuś cz.3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vivGUMhLdY - Aprilia RS 125 by Kowuś http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bf5ad4kxW5g - Karaś Aerox Stunt Setup Mechaniczny : - Cylinder: Stage6 Streetrace 70cc - Wał: Top Racing Evo NG - Łożyska: Stage6 Teflon - Tłumik: Gianelli next na dniach yasuni c16 - Wariator: Stage6 Sport Pro - Gaznik: Dellorto 17,5 - Sprzęgło: Stage6 Tonque Racing Control - Dzwon: Stage6 WingCooler - Linka na ssanie ręczne Stage6 - Wkład Filtra powietrza: Czerwony Malossi - Rolki i sprężyny stage6 - Membranki Polini

AEROX 100ccm vs AEROX 50ccm(bez blokade)
kolko 100ka ode napred za toliko je 50ka odere.. :P

Yamaha Aerox 100cc pries VW Golf
ZubrionoK padare golfa!!:D

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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