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BioFlex Laser Testimonials
A collection of testimonials for BioFlex Laser Therapy Systems.

Sighting-In & Recalibrating Your Laser Sight
This video discusses sighting-in and recalibrating, (if needed), your Crimson Trace® laser sight. Crimson Trace laser sights are completely user-adjustable for windage and elevation, allowing the shooter to fine tune their laser to their preferred sight picture. This video demonstrates the basic steps to achieving sight alignment, sight picture, and the relationship of the laser dot to proper sight picture. Additionally, a recalibrating exercise is shown to assist users whose windage and elevation adjustments have become unresponsive - most likely due to over adjustments. ©2015 Crimson Trace Corporation

AXIS500 laser based alignment system for commercial vehicles
The AXIS500 is the latest truck laser wheel aligner from HAWEKA, using it’s vast experience from the early models the AXIS500 has evolved as a state of the art laser aligner. At home in the workshop or on the road as a mobile unit the AXIS500 delivers fast and accurate results. This latest version of the laser aligner joins the expanding family of aligners in the AXIS Series.