Skunk2 DC2 slams a 10.71

Full street car, Full interior and everything...

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416 WHP DC2 @ Honda-Tech
Type R on the Dyno at the SPEEDFACTORY tent. Honda-Tech May 1st 2010

H2B Dyno Footage 6-30-10
Some video coverage from the day the my EG came to life. This is a bunch of video coverage of the break in of my motor as well as some comparisons between intake manifolds, mainly the RRC vs the Skunk2 I have an H2B swap with a K2H intake manifold adapter as well. The things you can do with this motor are amazing. Final numbers were: RRC manifold- 279hp and 200 trq Skunk 2- 287hp and 200 trq. Not too shabby huh? haha We are still trying to do some R&D to see how we can make more power. We will be doing shakedown passes at Sacramento Raceway on July 24th, 2010... Look for us out there....

Skunk2 pro2 idle
Skunk2 pro2 cams Skunk2 pro dual valve springs CAI tuned on Dyno by Tunerc PP fi68 throttle body Ported head by Tunerc Intake manifold ported by Tunerc Supertech valve guides Supertech valves TODA Racing Strengthened Sports Clutch Kit Inc. 4.1Kg Flywheel TODA Racing camgears EK9 Civic Type-R Pistons Skunk2 titanium retainers RC 370cc injectors Mugen Thermostat Mugen Fan Switch JDM b18 4-1 header Catback fi60 by Hondashy B&M Fuel Pressure Regulator OBD1 ectune(launch control, shift light...)

Honda Integra DC2 Skunk2 Mega Power
Honda Integra DC2 B18C6 Skunk2 Alpha 4-2-1 Header Skunk2 Mega Power RR 3"