10 Sec 96 Acura Integra GSR Turbo

Daily Driven 10 second turbo gsr. runs a 10.7 best time 10.6

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10-Sec 139mph Turbo Integra on Radials
Super clean Integra went a lot faster then I thought. Seeing 17" street radials and not a slick setup, I wasn't expecting 10s at over 140mph!

GT-R vs Turbo Acura Integra Drag Race
visit http://import2race.com Nissan GT-R vs turbo Acura Integra Drag Race

Turbo integra 10 sec. pass
kauai raceway park 81.5mm stock sleeve LS Stock port itr head Gsc t1 cams and springs. Boost by gear. 4th gear had 28psi in this run. 2 and 3rd gear had around 10-15 psi.

900hp TURBO Integra Hits 190mph!
The Little Integra The Could - aka GRINGOTEGRA - does it again by showing us that these little Hondas can HANG! With a giant turbocharger strapped on and aero parts that make the most nastiest time attack cars jealous, Myles has shown us what is possible with these small displacement engines! The Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack is the proving grounds of just what it takes to be the quickest on the mountain's 1/2 mile airstrip, even at altitude! Check out this feature as we follow Myles on his journey to 190mph in the 1/2 mile in this little green machine!