1997 Malibu V6 3.1L with Thrush Turbo Exhaust.

This is my Malibu V6 3.1L with a Thrush turbo Exhaust. Please feel free to comment and tell me how it sounds.

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$1 Exhaust vs $1,000 Exhaust ?
This video we will be comparing a cheap vs expensive Exhaust system, a $100 Exhaust vs $850 Exhaust vs a $1,000 Exhaust! Muffler vs Exhaust Catback System, not side by side but individually to see if they are worth the price tag for quality, sound , looks & performance. Camaro has Flowmaster Super 44, Scion FRS has HKS Catback Exhaust & Mustang has Borla S-Type Catback Exhuast Smash the LIKE button , let's get 50 likes .. Subscribe for more Videos & COMMENT you thought of the video & which Exhaust system you perfered!! Follow Me : Twitter : https://twitter.com/Josuee_YT Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/josuee_yt SnapChat : @Josuee_YT FaceBook : https://www.facebook.com/JosueeYT For Business Inquiry : Email : Josuefilmsbusiness@gmail.com Music : lakeyinspired Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired Follow John : Twitter : https://twitter.com/Cabreraaa_ Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/johnn_cabreraa_/ Follow Isai : Instagram :https://www.instagram.com/uriostegui_gt86/

1998 Malibu 3100 Magnaflow
What a Gm V6 SHOULD sound like. Notice that there is no pop/drone/rasp in the sound. Magnaflow is THE best performance muffler/Exhaust for the money hands down. Lifetime warranty, smooth deep sound, no drone and they actually make good power gains. Stock piping, resonator delete with a 12225 muffler and 35168 stainless tip.

My 1997 Malibu V6 3.1L Thrush Turbo Exhaust Weld Job
This is the wield job on the Malibu. Forutantely the Catalitic Converter is in the center of the car and the pipe runs up and over the axle leaveing us just enough room to install the Thrush turbo Exhaust Muffler.

Flowmaster 40 Series on 00' Malibu
I got a flowmaster 40 series muffler installed on my 2000 Chevy Malibu along with a Magnaflow Hi Flow Cat. The tail pipe was switched from drivers side to passenger side.