1963 Pontiac LeMans convertible

Beauty! This blue color was common at the time..most manufacturers offered a version of it! Notice the character creases in the rear quarter and the trim that accentuates the fenders. Some versions of the car had the 326 c.i. engine as this one does..others had a V8 engine essentially cut in half and offered as a four cylinder model (195 c.i.). The transmission was aft, and a flexible driveline connected it to the engine. A good example of how engineering experimentation was alive and well at GM during this period.

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Publix store opening, second half
Here I attempt to show some of the long isles here...along with the new pharmacy and, of course, a stop in the beer aisle. The choices are staggering!! Literally! :D

Opening of new Publix grocery store..Mt. Dora, Florida, June 10, 2010
This is a new shopping center "Loch Leven Landing" that's just opened. The older Publix store is across the street, and yesterday was its last day. These openings are big thing here...sample food, managers all over the place, reusable bags...and the public certainly turns up for it. Later in the morning, FM radio stations are set to turn up.

2010 Shelby GT500
A great Mustang...and I go over the statistics that the owner has thoughtfully displayed. What more could you ask of a car! The interior is really nice too..you can see the benefits of the 2010 upgrade plus the Shelby touch.

1970 Ford Torino GT 429 convertible
What a beautiful monster!! This car needless to say, can GO! But it would be a shame to just see it in motion...it's beautiful at rest!