SUPER BIKERS (AMAスーパーバイクレース)


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This is a motorbike race that reminds us of AMA superbike championships in the 1980’s
Welcome to Tsukuba Circuit. This racing track is only 90 minutes by car from downtown Tokyo. “Taste of Tsukuba” will be held here at Tsukuba circuit. “Taste of Tsukuba” is a motorbike race that reminds us of AMA superbike championships in the 1980’s. These bikes you see here are machines for the main MONSTER class. These bikes are all manufactured before 1983, have 4 cycle air-cooled engines with capacity over 750cc with 3 to 6 cylinders, steel frames with dual shock absorbers, resembling the AMA superbikes in the 80’s. The MONSTER class is a popular class with over 80 bikes today. Each bike is modified differently by their owners.

AMA Super Bike Race Laguna Seca
AMA SUPER BIKE RACE 1979 PETER STARR 1979年 ラグナセカでの、スーパーバイクレースの 様子を 当時の1000cc AMA SUPERBIKE RACEです。 ローソンはMKⅡ改で走っており、Z1000Jではあ りませんが クーリー、スペンサーなど当時若者で以後GPライダー に成長しました。

絶版☆改⑱ - サンテレビ 2008.2/10 O.A. - 【kawasaki Z1000R】 AMAスーパーバイクでの優勝を記念しアメリカのカワ サキが本社に要請する形で1982年に発売。 名ライダー"エディ・ローソン"がレースで使ったバイ のレプリカ。 [English] Motorcycle TV program [Like a wind] vol.98 ・Vintage Motorcycles #18 【Kawasaki Z1000R】 It is a model that was released in 1982 in the form of to commemorate the victory in the AMA Superbike, U.S. branches of Kawasaki request to headquarters. Replica bike rider name "Eddie Lawson" was used in the race.

AMA Superbikes Racing
AMA superbike shots with Eddie, Fast Freddie, Wes Cooley and so many others... Enjoy ;)