SUPER BIKERS (AMAスーパーバイクレース)


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ケンタウロスの伝説(3/3) 椿ライン〜エンディング
ケンタウロスの伝説( 箱根七曲り編)の後半をダイジェストにしました。タイ トルを(3/3)と変更して、開始シーンを再編集(4月30 )しました。

This is a motorbike race that reminds us of AMA superbike championships in the 1980’s
Welcome to Tsukuba Circuit. This racing track is only 90 minutes by car from downtown Tokyo. “Taste of Tsukuba” will be held here at Tsukuba circuit. “Taste of Tsukuba” is a motorbike race that reminds us of AMA superbike championships in the 1980’s. These bikes you see here are machines for the main MONSTER class. These bikes are all manufactured before 1983, have 4 cycle air-cooled engines with capacity over 750cc with 3 to 6 cylinders, steel frames with dual shock absorbers, resembling the AMA superbikes in the 80’s. The MONSTER class is a popular class with over 80 bikes today. Each bike is modified differently by their owners.

AMA Superbike Crash Compilation | No Music
MotoAmerica Superbike Championship is an American motorcycle racing series. It is the premiere superbike racing series in the United States, part of the American Motorcyclist Association sanctioned events group. The AMA Road Racing Championship was created in 1976 to provide playing field for professional racing teams and a means for motorcycle manufacturers to showcase their sport-performance, production based models. The series was organised by the AMA until 2008. From 2009 to 2014, the Daytona Motorsports Group was the organiser under supervision of the AMA. The AMA, not pleased with motorcycle counts and participation in international events, stripped the DMG organisation of professional road racing and awarded it to a new organisation led by Wayne Rainey, KRAVE, with assistance from Dorna, which renamed it the MotoAmerica Road Racing Series beginning in 2015.[1] Current MotoAmerica classes are aligned with the FIM, similar to the Spanish CEV championship, and their names will be aligned with the FIM. Superbike Superstock 1000 Supersport (was Daytona Sportbike) Superstock 600 (was AMA Pro SuperSport) KTM RC 390 The most successful riders included Doug Chandler, Scott Russell, Ben Spies, Miguel Duhamel and Mat Mladin, who holds several series records including seven championships. Four non-Americans won the title – Englishman Reg Pridmore, Australians Mat Mladin and Troy Corser, and Canadian Miguel Duhamel. Source : ____________________________________________________________ Hope you enjoy this video and don't forget to Like, Comment And Subscribe! ___ Intro Song : - Blank - Disfigure Just click the link( ) ___ Video Source : 1. (AMA Pro Racing) 2. 3.

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