1973 Plymouth Roadrunner frame straightening

Riverside Restorations, Manotick ON, mid 2008. Due to all my moves, the house fire etc. I lost track of this video nugget. Enjoy the hi tech frame straightening machine and automotive chiropractic science at its best. The car X's out perfectly now (believe it or not) and the final moments of the vid show the Runner as it is today.

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1963 Dodge 880 Chryslers at Carlisle
A rare and very fine example (and a big block car too) but let's face it: under-appreciated and over priced is a bad mix so the owner took this beauty home. Though the paint is period, appropriate etc it's not a sexy colour either. But I do love the car, a terrific example. And I bet it's found a new owner who loves it.

1963 Dodge 330 Chryslers at Carlisle
In the car corral sat more than a few pretties and I tried to buy this one only to find that the owner...was so indifferent and lazy he spent little time there on the weekend and even disappeared Sunday, leaving the car alone! It all turned out for the best as I called someone else late August (!) and bought my '72 Coronet Custom instead. I had rated it (the Coronet) as my #2 candidate but sober reflection intervened and it, as a V8 power disc brake power steering a/c car won out. This '63 is pretty but I made the right decision thanks to the seller's strange approach. He took the car home. I guess...

Roblins Junkyard
Lawrence Roblin's overgrown but still active auto wreckers and NOS treasure trove on a fine fall day in 2008. Accompanied by Stew and Gil in my '72 Coronet Custom, pickin' and a-grinnin'.

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