Aplicando el cuarta de vuelta a la cabeza 2.2

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1997 cavalier engine tick 2.2L
ive had this tick ever since we bought the car and i think it's a lifter or a valve should i just slap a new head on or tighten the lifters or valve springs? the car has like 170,000 plus for miles and it's never been rebuilt. we bought this car for $250 and it's the best investment in a car ive had lately. please comment and no stupid comments.

turismo 2.2L motor
2.2L motor

replacing the head gasket in a chevy cavilier 2.2 liter 4 cylinder

2003 Cavalier Timing Chain Tick Repair
NOTE: This is NOT a how-to video. We didn't know what needed fixed until we took stuff apart. Spare me your butthurt about "you should have explained what you're doing" comments. It is what it is. A little montage of the repairs my friend Kevin and I made on my 2003 Cavalier. The Cavalier suffered a failed tensioner which created too much slack in the chain, creating the ticking sound. After replacing it and a few other components, the engine runs and sounds great. Please note that one should ALWAYS replace the chain, sprockets, oiler and tensioner in one go.