Volvo 240 turbo racing

2010 Rancho Cordova police department sponsor/fund raiser

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Volvo 240 RaceCar by HEICO SPORTIV (great Sound!)
home of high performance for volvo: heico sportiv - feat. the last volvo 240 turbo youngtimer race car (great sound); a pete ruppert photography / republic drive clip 2013; all glory2theLORDjesus!

volvo 240 8v turbo drifting raw driftdays 2014 hultsfred drifttrack

Extreme Volvo 240 Rallying 2013
Extreme Volvo 240 Rallying 2013 contains just what the title says - ONLY 240s from different Rallies in Sweden under 2013, action, maybe some off and more is included! Facebook: Some pictures may appear after each event Ni har inte glömt? ALL VIDEOS ARE COPYRIGHTED TO ME, NO ONE ELSE, IF YOU SEE MY VIDEOS SOMEWHERE ELSE, PLEASE REPORT THIS TO ME. THANKS!. I OWN 100% OF THE COPYRIGHT!

Ross took the good ol' "fix everything it could be" route in a blind attempt to get his volvo running. It paid off and the pig runs! It's got some sort of fuel cutout issue that we need to work out, but it won't be long until it's doing skids left and right!