Bmw M3 E92 Competition w/ Loud Acceleration

Facebook: Twitter: This is not a stock M3, but a little tuned! The sound of this Exhaust is really nice! There is a little combo too! 0:04 left you can see a car, what is it? Comment:D We hope you enjoy this video! and hit the like button and feel free to leave a comment! Sorry: There is no outro because of a weird problem. Like us on FaceBook: Follow us on Twitter: Thanks for watching! Subscribe to Twincharched!©

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Bmw M3 E46 Little Powerslide - And SLS goes on track!! - At Nurburgring --- 1080P
Facebook: Twitter: Hello, I filmed a SLS when goes on to the track, then i filmed a Bmw E46. Very nice and it makes a little powerslide/wheelspin! Its very nice! I love the bmw its a sportcar!!! We hope you enjoy this video. And please hit the 'LIKE' button! -TwinCharched Labels: Bmw M3 and SLS at Nurburgring Rev revving rev´s Acceleration accelerate Amg turbo koenigsegg agera R F430 599 miami beach extreme combo onboard race racing start starting up engine fly by shmee150 twincharched downshift drift flat out burnout exotic supercars london monaco porsche full hd 1080p driving parking ferrari lamborghini sound Exhaust loud hard top speed road test vs. on track crash accident Circuit audi

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Roadster! - Driving and SOUNDS!
Facebook: Twitter: Hello people! Yesterday we uploaded a RR Ghost. Normally we don't upload a video one day after an other. But today we saw this Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Roadster in white! This is our first Murcialago on the streets! We never expected to see this car on a day like this. (Not nice weather at all.) So we were shocked when we saw this car! And I was on my bike so a little shaky footage! But its an awesome car! It cost 552.000 euro´s! So its pretty expensive! and awesome:D I hope you ejoy this video again !!! Please leave a comment and hit the LIKE button! Like us on FaceBook: Follow us on Twitter: Thanks for watching! Subscribe to Twincharched!©

Nissan GTR 800HP! - CRAZY Tunnelrun
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Following a McLaren P1 (Slides, Accelerations)
Facebook: Twitter: Two weeks ago I've filmed this yellow McLaren P1! It sounds amazing, and it is so fast. In the video you see a lot of slides. I hope you like the video! Please Subscribe! -TwinCharched