subaru svx sprint

92 svx ls-l, at least i hit 130, lol.

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Subaru SVX Lucy being defiant :: Bee R Rev Limiter ::: Launch Control ::: Big Bangs!
BSing at High Point... Bee R Rev Limiter. set to 4k. cut set to 11oclock. Stebro Exhaust ..... up to date pics found here...

My 1992 Subaru SVX
have had it for almost 4 weeks but havnt had time for the video yet. has a 4.44 trans swap and an lsd. the headunit is out of an older wrx from what i was told. has the stock Exhaust and a bad resonator. thats the rattle you here when i revved it. gonna get the Exhaust done and im looking for a nice rumble at idle and a nice roar at accel. any tips on a good Exhaust appriciated.

Vanagon SVX Subaru testdrive
Here are some clips of my VW Vanagon with SVX engine 4 disc brake system 5 speed tranny

Subaru SVX acceleration 0-100 km/h
My Subaru SVX (MY92) acceleration 0-100 km/h +10C, winter tires. POWER mode is off.