Taking My Buell Lighting Long down the Dragstrip at Meremere

Night Speed Drag Wars, March 23rd 2012. Handlebar mounted GoPro HD camera onboard my Buell XB12Ss Lightning at Meremere Dragstrip, Waikato, New Zealand. My first time down the strip on a bike. Running against a Suzuki SV1000 (Russell), an old Ford V8, and Kawasaki ZX14. Also some footage of Russell taking on an the almighty 50cc scooter.

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Meremere Nationals 2017
A few videos from the Nationals at Meremere 2017. It was a beautiful day, but surprisingly few spectators and not as many cars as I thought there would be. The pressure waves from the GTO and the Top Alcohol cars was amazing, rattling the sinus cavity in your head and your rib cage.. so worth it. Listen to the Supercharger at 2:15

Drag racing , 4th comp meet from Meremere.

Buell xb9sx on the drag strip April 2014
First time back on the track after seven years, last time was on four wheels and this time it was two and occasionally one !

Buell xb12s lightning top speed run
Ok so it's not exactly the "top speed" of the bike but giving the conditions it was. On the right stretch of road with a good temp. the bike will break 140. It was 95 degrees out. Filmed with a gopro hero 2 with a sticky mount on the air box.