Supra vs CTSV - Texas Invitational testing

Testing for the October 2012 Texas Invitational Airfield Event. Dynosaur Performance Supra - Custom Motor, MoTec, EMS, n2o, and 76mm turbo. CTSV built by Pro Source. Onboard footage shot with the new Sony Action Cam

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800+whp Supra vs. 1000+whp CTSV (60-175 Roll)
Built motor Nitrous CTSV 1000+whp Vs. 3.0 Supra (unknown mods) 800+whp

800hp Baltic Supra battles 1000hp Silverado and 900hp CTS-V
The Baltic Supra is at it again! This time he battles against a 9 second Chevy Silverado aka "Heavy Chevy" which puts down 1000whp powered by a built 408ci iron lq9 block with a PT94 turbo,TH400, Holley EFI, and E-85. The second contender is one of the fastest CTS-V's on the planet... This Monster of a CTS-V has been down the 1/4 mile in 9.6 seconds at roughly 146+mph. The CTS-V is fully built making roughly 900whp on blower only. Supra mods: Tuned by Lance @ Factory 2JZ with only head studs Titan 272 cams (with factory valvetrain) Borg Warner S375 Boost Logic 4" Exhaust AEM EMS v2 e-85 fuel 1200cc Injectors Twin Walbro 450 Titan headbolts Titan factory Auto Trans Titan 3500 converter

Baltic Supra vs UGR LAMBO and CTSV
I was told the CTSV was full bolt ons plus a 150 or 175 shot of Nitrous making mid 800's not sure how true that is maybe the owner will respond in the comments below. The UGR LAMBO was just received from it's build just 2 days prior to this race and on this particular night it was running its pump gas tune. What the owner claims to be 1000whp - 1050whp non the less very fun Race. Please don't forget to subscribe and let me know what you would like to see Baltic Supra race next.

MPI Supra takes down GODZILLA GTR!
The boys over at MPI built a BEAST of a supra! The first run of many was against a crazy fast Built motor GTR that traps 148+mph in the 1/4 mile on a slipping stock transmission. MPI Supra 888whp (1000+hp at the motor) GTR- 843awhp on a Mustang Dyno (1000hp at motor)