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Funny Construction work - Funny.
Funny and weird Construction work. How could things get to this point, I do not understand where is the construction Labor Broad in all this. Now there are many things that are funny her and most I do not understand how and why that have done the things that I see here. Anyways enjoy the video and I do that you do not try this at home... The music just sucks, I originally had a nice soundtrack but I violated Goggles copyrighted material (they are right). So I added this music for it was free at that time, but now I have purchased new music but it's too late for this video. Please bear

john deere 6920s con scavafossi dondi dbr 95

Marcel Levesque at the top of the supply chain in the economy,beginning the process of supplying dozens of jobs down the line.Cutting a rotten Old growth hemlock tree.This guy is one of the best at tree falling

Kegelspalter / Langholzspalter / Holzspalten / Holzspalter / Drillkegel / Wood / Log / Splitter
Kegelspalter für 9 to Mobilbagger Buche 220 Jahre alt und dickster Stammdurchmesser 122cm