That's why women shouldn't play soccer...

damn look at that lady soccer player!

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TAMIU Women's Soccer Workout
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Soccer Match - Men Vs Women
On May 5th 2010 the Pickering Soccer Club took on The Guyana National Team at Kinsmen Soccer Field. I was asked to film the event, this is my take on it. Filmed and edited by Peter Lawrence.

Stereotypes: Football/Soccer
In this video, you will see the different types of amateur football (soccer) players. Here is a list of the different stereotypes that you will see in the video : - The As Seen On TV Guy - The "I Got It" Guy - The Scared Of The Ball Guy - The Throw In Master - The "What's The Time" Guy - The Post Magnet - The Celebraters - The Ball Hog - The Bench Warmer - The Injury Faker - The Over Reacting Coach - The Unlucky Guy - The Ref's Best Friend - The Tough Girl - The Player Coach If you like what you saw, subscribe to our channel and follow us on social medias at SweetSpotSquad: Follow us on Facebook : Follow us on Twitter : Follow us on Instagram : Follow us on Snapchat : sweetspotsquad Follow us on Vine : sweetspotsquad Visit our Website :

Best Skills Dribbling Passing Scoring Women's Soccer
Best Skills Dribbling Passing Scoring Women's Soccer the best dribblers of the ball, like Messi, touch the ball with every step they take, this way they can cut in any direction at anytime. That's the key to becoming a great dribbler of the ball in soccer. It's only when you're able to dribble the ball with every step and cut the ball to either side should you look at trying some of the soccer moves below. And this also means being able to dribble comfortably with both feet. Some of best dribblers in the world don't even necessarily have moves or tricks, they just have such incredible control of the ball that they can cut the ball away from defenders when they try to take it. So, once you've mastered the fundamentals of dribbling the soccer ball, and as long as you're able to dribble at speed with the ball and keep it close to you, then you can proceed to the advanced set of soccer moves and tricks that are outlined below. Sure, there's no harm in working on soccer moves or tricks, as it only gets you more comfortable with the ball, but don't replace tricks and moves with the ability to expertly dribble the ball with the inside and outside of both feet under pressure.