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damn look at that lady soccer player!

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Soccer Skills - The Top 5 Soccer Skills Players Need
Soccer Skills - The Top 5 Soccer Skills Players Need - Free eBook, Soccer Training Videos, and Weekly Soccer Tips - Click Here - - Here are some soccer skills you need to have. Soccer skills are essential if you want to be a stand out soccer player on the field. If you want to play at a high level in soccer it's very important that you work to develop your soccer skills regardless of your position. Soccer skills are the foundation of your player development and should never be neglected. Soccer Skills - The Top 5 Soccer Skills Players Need Soccer Skills Drill - #1 Juggling is a great skill you can practice to improve your ball control and confidence with the ball at your feet. Soccer Skills Drill #2 Don't wait until the game to practice dribbling. Being able to dribble will help you get out of tight situations, keep possession of the ball, and be a dangerous offensive threat. Soccer Skills Drill #3 Next you need to focus on passing and receiving. Two skills in one. These are probably the most important technical skills for you to develop as a player. Soccer Skills Drill #4: The last drill focuses on shooting but also receiving. Practice makes perfect. So stick with it and don't get frustrated. The Soccer Essentials has much more advice on soccer skills and how you can start improving your soccer skills right away. For more information visit our website and sign up for a free soccer training guide. More training videos for Soccer Skills: Get more valuable advice from Dylan Tooby: Check out The Soccer Essentials YouTube channel: Subscribe to The Soccer Essentials YouTube channel: You want to be a better player, don't you? Take some action towards improvement today and learn: 1. How to improve speed, ball skills, and decision making under pressure. 2. How to become more confident and actually believe in yourself. 3. How to get scouted regardless of where you live in the world. Click Here: Soccer Skills - The Top 5 Soccer Skills Players Need

How to Understand Soccer Positions | Soccer Skills
Like these Soccer Tutorials !!! Check out the official app Amazon Must Haves for Soccer Players: GOLME PRO Pop Up Soccer Goal: Adidas Performance Conext15 Top Glider Soccer Ball: Under Armour Striker Backpack: Adidas Estadio Team Shoe Bag: Vizari Malaga Shin Guard: Adidas Metro III Soccer Sock: Watch more Soccer Skills videos: cer-Skills As we know, soccer's all about position, strategy and tactics. And people want to talk about the various positions you can have, you can choose when you play the game of soccer. And we're basically have the goal keeper. We have the defenders, we have the midfielders and we have the strikers. The goal keeper of course is the first responsibility is to assure that the strikers won't get the ball behind the goal line and actually score. On the second thought the goal keeper would be the first player to initiate the game, to start the game from the back of the defense. The next line is the line of defenders. Again, even more, the responsibility of the defenders would be to mark up the strikers, close gap some defense and prevent the opposition from goal scoring. The next line would be the midfielders. The midfielders are the once who organize the game. They have defense responsibilities but also offense responsibilities. And they organize the game, they make sure that they close the gap in defense, turn around quickly, open the game to the front to the strikers, get the strikers in goal scoring positions and move up themselves or maybe even choose to finish themselves and try to score. The last one, the most front on the field would be the strikers or the forwards. Of course the idea is to get the ball as quickly as possible into the goal, into the net of the opposition. As a defender you have the whole game in front of you. You have more time usually to open the game. You have more time when you have possession of the ball. You want to open it mindfully to the side not to the center. The midfielders are always moving, always trying to open up, giving opportunities, passing options as well to strikers and defenders. The strikers on the other hand usually have the defender in the back where there's a different kind of play. The want to drop the ball maybe to the midfielder to open up the game on the side but then quickly move into goal scoring position themselves and finish. That's the basic idea of soccer positions and I think it's a good way to start.

Women's Soccer Team Gets BANGED By 15 Year Old Boys MGTOW
Women's Soccer Team Gets BANGED By 15 Year Old Boys MGTOW MGTOW 101 Please support my work, even $2 donation helps. PayPal Donate link below: AN3WEGJ Or support me via Patreon on a small chump change monthly basis: So the Australian women’s soccer team called the Matildas have recently been thrashed by an under 15s boys soccer team with an embarrassing score of 7-0. The Matildas are strongly fancied to give Australia its best chance at a medal in the sport of football at the Rio Olympics in August. Perhaps the Matildas should be thankful there will be no under-16s boys' teams playing. In a friendly match against the Newcastle Jets under-16 boys team, the Matildas were totally humiliated 7-0. This is the team ranked fifth in FIFA's women's rankings which was slammed by a bunch of lads barely old enough to have pubic hair. Gary van Egmond is assistant Matildas coach and academy director of the Newcastle Jets. Van Egmond explained that the Matildas are often forced to play boys' teams because there is not enough quality female opposition in our part of the world (in other words, we have a small team of women who like to pretend they are great soccer players, while the rest of the female nation could not give a damn even if they tried). Because of this, any female who barely touches a soccer ball in Australia is assumed to be the next Ronaldo… on paper anyway. But when a bunch of boys turn up to challenge these “soccer mums” suddenly they are losing 7 to nill. Article source: e-jets-under-15-boys-team/ Ronda Rousey video: Like, subscribe and comment! Please support my work, even $2 donation helps. PayPal Donate link below: AN3WEGJ