Dona Silvia SR20 Starlet 7.69@126 MPH (Mechanical Problems) @ Salinas 25/01/14

The Dona Silvia SR20 Starlet (4TH Fastest SR20 in the World) runs against 2JZ Powered Zoian Solara and faces Mechanical Problems with a 7.69 @ 126 MPH.

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Dona Silvia SR20 Starlet 7.07 @ 193 MPH Worlds Fastest 4 Cylinder Starlet
Dona Silvia SR20 Starlet 7.07 @ 193 MPH !! NEW PERSONAL RECORD !!!!!! Under the Tuning Of Oso Tech the Dona Silvia Team with many trial and error passes over the past few months has finally bettered their time with an amazing New Personal Record of 7.07 @ 193 MPH !! Congratulations to the Ray, Myra , Naoimi , Bryan , Jose , Dick Sucker Omar , The Dick Sucker #2 with the black starlet, Jose #2 , Oso Tech , Chupa Tech , Import DPS , Colin ''Austin Power'' . Myself Steffan ''FugiTECH/TTMN'' Teelucksingh Crew and all involved with this car straight out of Carolina , Puerto Rico. Job well done bro !!! This done in The Latin America Sport Compacts #3 Event at the Maple Grove Raceway , USA ! Photo and updates by GRS !!

Dona Silvia SR20 Starlet 4.98 in the 1/8 Mile at Arecibo Raceway's Puerto Rico VS USA 2013 Event

Collin Wilshire 4G63 Eclipse 6.573@ 223MPH (WORLD FASTEST 4G63 AND 4 CYL MPH RECOR
Collin Wilshire 4G63 Eclipse 6.573 @ 223.28MPH (WORLD FASTEST 4G63 AND 4 CYL MPH RECORD RESET) in Qualifying Rounds in Jamboree 2014 Willowbank Raceway Australia !!! Video by Factory Extreme.

TTundra's 1st Drag Event 2014. Part 1
An absolutely perfect day for drag racing. A little head wind....but the track was hookin and the cars were stayin in the groove. Tmrw should be great as well. SKF did an 8.55 into what must have been at least a 25mph headwind and lost his right door.