Traxxas X0-1 100mph run and crash

Can see the car hit a small rock and go off into the grass and flip at 97mph! Not to bad damage for goin that fast

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GoPro On Board Fast RC Supercar - Traxxas XO-1 - JPRC
Click to subscribe for cool RC videos. I bought this car from Tower Hobbies No music version edit version Traxxas OX-1 Running Video with GoPro Here3 + onboard with nice multi camera cut scenes. I got latest RC trophy running video here. Check it out. Like, Comment and Subscribe if you enjoy this video.

Dogs Attacking RC Car
Some dogs decided to attack my Traxxas Slash at the park today, luckily they didn't break it. I couldn't run over them because I would have messed them up with the power of that 3s Lipo battery. This is the Slash 4x4 Ultimate version. Check out HTC Facebook HPD Facebook: Twitter: Fan Page:

Traxxas X-Maxx & Slash, Mud Bash!
Warning there is a lot of dirt in this video, viewer discretion is advised. Things are about to go down! The Velineon 3500KV Motor Seizes! OH NO!!! Today it's time for a serious dose of mud bashing at our local country park with the X-MAXX and Slash 4x4. The park is a mixture of surfaces and shots, including a lot of water! If you haven't used either a Slash or X-MAXX before I'd highly recommend one! Both can take some serious abuse and with this video you can see that, you need them in your life. The Slash is the OBA & TSM Fox Edition which is running on 3s lipo, 13t. This gives roughly 45MPH on 3s! The X-MAXX is running 22t/50t and reached 49MPH on 6s lipo. How to fit the high speed pinion gear: In this video we are running on 3s 4000MAH LIPO giving approximately 20 minutes of runtime each pack. We are using both the LCG and the HCG chassic versions, LCG has OBA and TSM, the HCG does not. We're running the standard speed pinion as well. Thanks for watching, please like, subscribe, and share these videos and I'll see you next time. Jake Facebook Page Here:

World Record Evo 7/8/9 - 7.902 @ 298.26kph - 185.34mph
Worlds Quickest & fastest Evo 7/8/9 4G63 It was good time for all the friends of motor sport, and in particular for evo 4g63 fans that there is a continuous progress on this platform. last weekend we test our Mitsubishi evo ix. we did 1.301 60ft - 7.902 @ 298.26 - 185.34mph. was the second try of the event and we had around 1380-1400awhp (1680-1700hp). 3rd try was with 1740awhp (2100hp) but we had clutch slip, from excessive wheel spin damage the clutch and we damage the 5th gear. So the pass was made with out 5th gear, 1.2 60ft - 8.0 @ 248 - 155mph. Next event 20th-21th and 22nd July in Malta drag strip. Visit our website for more details : Visit our FB page: Stay tuned !