Camaro Z28 Tire BBQ

Gotta have a proper send off for my old, GS-D3, before I mount the new NT05's. 2000 Camaro Z28 M6 See MORE at

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1999 Mustang Cobra vs 1999 Camaro Z28
Cobra has longtubes, o/r x pipe, flowmaster catback, ram air intake, canned diablo tune, 275 street tires Camaro has Longtubes, o/r y pipe, dumped before rear axle, LS6 intake, lid, smooth bellow, port and polished throttle body, untuned

Nicks Camaro Tire Explosion
Tire explosion at burnout contest, Yankton, SD

Torque Cam Pt II
Custom Grind Thunder Racing Torquer Cam.. 224/228 .640 .640 110LSA+0 FRESH install, untuned.. LT's ORY TSP Rumbler CB.. H/C/I/Exh/Susp.. EVERYTHING!! More at

Police Car Tire Blows Going 120 MPH
Dash cam video, police car tire blows and car spins multiple times, amazingly missing everything.