Tail of the Dragon - 2007 R1

October 2010 - Following a 2007 r1

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The tail of the dragon
one of my favourite songs...It's my own mix...we all now it's not a big deal....but it's sounds pretty good..... I think ;) Two things: -if you don't like slide shows, please still give it a go as the song is the priority in this video. -IT IS NOT THE GRANTURISMO 2 soundtrack, as that one has car sounds, while this has bike sounds....the son is the same though. If you don't like it, foxtrot, oscar.

Yamaha R1 Tail of the Dragon
Yamaha R1 riding tail of the dragon

Yamaha R1 Riding the Dragon at Deals Gap. (miked up)
Here's Nick on his Yamaha R1 at the Dragon. He's using my Drift HD helmet camera and a microphone. He narrates the trip down to the lookout on the Tennessee side.