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Tail of the Dragon - 2007 R1

October 2010 - Following a 2007 r1


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The tail of the dragon
one of my favourite songs...It's my own mix...we all now it's not a big deal....but it's sounds pretty good..... I think ;) Two things: -if you don't like slide shows, please still give it a go as the song is the priority in this video. -IT IS NOT THE GRANTURISMO 2 soundtrack, as that one has car sounds, while this has bike sounds....the son is the same though. If you don't like it, foxtrot, oscar.

Yamaha R1...Dr. Sardonicus' Dragon (Unleashed)
This is the original video with its original background music. The best produced bike video I've seen. Props go out to Dr. Sard for creating it. He's a r1-forum member and he posted this video there for everyone to see. "I have been working on this R1 video project for a while.... It is a solo ride along the last 11 miles (117 corners) of Hwy 47 in the Pacific NorthWest." ---DrSard http://www.r1-forum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=147219&highlight=Dr.+Sard Turn up your volume and enjoy.

Deals Gap on my R1
A fun pass thru the Gap

Deals Gap GSXR750 with a STI
Me and a STI playing on the Dragon. This by far was the fastest set of cars i have seen run the gap.

2013 Blue Yamaha YZF-R1 Walkaround - Carbon Fiber Yoshimura Exhaust Sound - Yamaha R1 Walk Around
2013 Blue Crossplane Yamaha YZF-R1 walk around and Exhaust engine sound. Bike is equipped with Carbon Fibre Yoshimura dual slipons. Other mods are Double Bubble dark smoke windscreen, fender eliminator, rear taillight and aftermarket front turn signals. Motorcycle is brand new, only 182 miles. Video is taken in Full HD 1080p, Please Like and share. Don't forget to Subscribe to stay updated with new videos! Thanks for watching! 2013 Blue Yamaha R1 2013 Yamaha R1 "prezentacja" Motocykl jest wyposazony w karbonowe tlumiki Yoshimura, szybke Dubble Bubble i nie oryginalne przodnie i tylne kierunkowskazy. Rjedynka jest swiezo po zakupie, ma okolo 300 km na liczniku. Filmik zostal nagrany w najwyszej mozliwej jakosci czyli 1080p. Prosze o Lajki i udostepnienie tego filmiku. Nie zapomnijcie dac Suba aby byc na biezaco z nowymi filmikami :) Dzieki! 2013 azul crossplane Yamaha YZF-R1 pasear y agota el sonido del motor. Bike está equipado con fibra de carbono Yoshimura slipons duales. Otros mods son de doble burbuja oscura parabrisas humo, guardabarros eliminatoria, el piloto trasero y la parte trasera del mercado de accesorios intermitentes delanteros. Motocicleta es nuevo, sólo 182 millas. El video se toma en Full HD 1080p, Por favor, gusta y compartir. No se olvide de suscribirse para mantenerse al día con los nuevos videos! Gracias por su atención! 2013 azul Yamaha R1 2013 Синий Crossplane Yamaha YZF-R1 ходить и звук выхлопа двигателя. Велосипед оснащен Carbon Fibre Yoshimura двойного slipons. Другие модов Double Bubble темного дыма ветрового стекла, крыло выпрямитель, задний фонарь и послепродажного сигналами поворота передних. Мотоцикл является новой, только 182 миль. Видео взято в Full HD 1080p, Пожалуйста лайк и поделиться. Не забудьте подписаться оставаться в курсе новых видео! Спасибо за просмотр! 2013 Синяя Yamaha R1 2013 Blau Crossplane Yamaha YZF-R1 herumlaufen und erschöpfen Motorgeräusch. Bike mit Carbon Yoshimura Dual slipons ausgestattet. Andere Mods sind Double Bubble getönt Windschutzscheibe, Kotflügel Eliminator, hinteren Rücklicht und Aftermarket vorderen Blinker. Motorrad ist nagelneu, nur 182 Meilen. Video ist in Full HD 1080p gemacht, Bitte setzen mag. Vergessen Sie nicht, abonnieren und informiert bleiben mit neuen Videos! Danke fürs Zuschauen! 2013 Blau Yamaha R1 2013 azul crossplane Yamaha YZF-R1 passear e esgotar som do motor. Moto é equipada com fibra do carbono Yoshimura dupla slipons. Outros mods são Double Bubble escuro pára-brisas de fumaça, fender eliminador, lanterna traseira traseira e piscas dianteiros aftermarket. Motocicleta é novo, apenas 182 milhas. O vídeo é tomado em Full HD 1080p, Por favor, Como e compartilhar. Não se esqueça de assinar para se manter atualizado com novos vídeos! Obrigado por assistir! 2013 azul Yamaha R1 2013年藍Crossplane雅馬哈YZF-R1走走,排氣發動機聲音。自行 配備碳纖維吉村雙slipons的。其他MODS的雙泡黑煙風擋玻 ,擋泥板消除,後尾燈和售後的前轉向燈。摩托車是全 的,只有182英里。在1080p全高清視頻拍攝, 請喜歡和分享。不要忘記訂閱保持更新新的視頻! 感謝您的收看! 2013藍色雅馬哈R1 2013 أزرق Crossplane ياماها YZF-R1 يتجول واستنفاد صوت المحرك. وقد تم تجهيز الدراجة مع الألياف الكربونية يوشيمورا slipons المزدوج. تعديل وغيرها هي مزدوجة فقاعة الظلام الزجاج الامامي للسيارة دخان، مزيل درابزين، الضوء الخلفي الخلفي وما بعد البيع بدوره اشارات الجبهة. دراجة نارية هو العلامة التجارية الجديدة، فقط 182 كيلومتر. يتم أخذ الفيديو في كامل HD 1080P، يرجى تريد ومشاركتها. لا تنسى أن الاشتراك في البقاء مع تحديث مقاطع فيديو جديدة! شكرا لمشاهدة!

2007 R1 following wild man in a Camaro SS
was playin around with this dude on the interstate then he took off in the tunnel hit about 145

Tail of the Dragon - Deals Gap - Warriors ripping it up...
A beautiful spring day at the Tail of the Dragon - Deals Gap. Cloudless skies, super green background and a pair of Yamaha Star Warrior ripping it up. Listen to the rumble that could be heard for miles...

YAMAHA YZF-R1 Crossplane - Highway FULL THROTTLE [1080p]
Yamaha R1 2009 (Crossplane) Highway full trottle Performance mods: Twobrothers Racing Carbon Slip-ons (Shortened) Y Decat Termignoni K&N Air filter -1 Tooth Renthal front sprocket PAIR mod Performance mods to do: Flashtune ECU Custom Dyno MAP

Yamaha YZF-R1 Crossplane - Random Ride (Staggered Wheelies) [RAW]
Just a normal ride with a couple of Staggered Wheelies :) (this time without music) Bike: Yamaha YZF-R1 2009 Camera: GOPRO HD3

Dragon Buttcam R6 chasin R1
Buttcam Full Tail of the Dragon chasing an R1 from the Overlook to the Stateline. Way too much fun, and cant wait to be up there again. I'll run it faster for y'all next time I'm up there. Wish I had mounted the camera where you could see the R1 better, but at 720 you can see him through my windscreen and cutting out on the tighter corners

Winter Bike Night (Wheelies & COPS!!!!) - Yamaha R1 Crossplane 2011
This was all filmed with a GOPROHD Hero 3 Black Edition i borrowed from a friend.... The diference in quality compared to my HD Hero is huge.... Just another bike night.... The Cops didn't find it very funny that we parked our bikes on the sidewalk... lol..... :P Couple of wheelies and lots of fun!!! Enjoy!!! This video was edited using the GOPRO Studio Editor.

Kolejny film wytwórni ADHD COMPANY - podsumowanie weekendu z Motosekcją. Występują: Adrian - operator r1 z 2007 roku, z kamerą przy kasku. Luna - CBR F4 Guliver - CBR 1000 RR Jeźdzcy z Krakowa i Warszawy (Kawasaki, Honda, i jakiś Ducat) Michał (misiek600) czyli że ja - r1 2000 mocowania kamer Zadupek + Czacha. Zdjęcia - Tomek (Alamay) oraz Adrian K. ;] Cięcie i obróbka - misiek 600 czyli, że znowu ja. Muzyka - THE DARK EMPIRE RISE - GRV MUSIC

Motorcycle vs Deer - Yamaha R1 Cuts Deer in Half, Motorcycle Crash Aftermath
I hit a deer at 85 mph and crashed. Please be aware that video contains bloody footage of a deer sliced in two parts. I thought I will never ride the bike after this motorcycle accident. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, LIKE AND SHARE! THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT I just wanted to share with you guys what happened to me back in 2012. Hope you like the video. Remember to always wear your gear!

Yamaha YZF R1 Review by Kimi: Owner's Review, Road Test, Features, and Comparison
I analyze my Yamaha YZF R1 and compare it to other bikes I have ridden, including the big four, my track ready ZX10r, my old Ducati 1198, and more. Video includes action shots that were filmed by motodlorenzo. Thanks everyone for your support. More videos will be coming soon...

Deals Gap on board run R6 Part 1
A run on an R6 from the overlook to the state line at Deals Gap. A bit of gravel and traffic interference, but it's mostly a clear run. The camera is mounted to the top of the riders helmet.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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