rotary datsun 1200

my 1200 with a p port and 100 hp Nitrous

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RX8 Nitrous In Car Comparison
The first half is 1-3rd gear without spraying. The second half I am spraying Nitrous with the 65hp jets. Yes.. Nitrous in a rotary. Just as safe as any piston car and but a HELL of a lot more fun. My Nitrous build thread at -

mazda rotary datsun 1200 Men in black 7.56 @ 179 incar
this is a PR datsun 1200 coupe drag car 13B turbo, clutchless liberty 5 speed transmission at the Pan Ams 07

Datsun Rotary
Puerto Rico invasion @ Lakeland Raceway. Nov. 2008

rotary power
a video af some sick rotary powered cars, an RB30 turbocharged holden, a 7 sec skyline and some v8 powered monsters.........crazy!!