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Porsche Cayenne S

Тест драйв Нивы и Порш каен русский перевод (mixanntix)
немецкий тест драйв русской нивы(ваз 2121) и порш каена с русским переводом

Porsche Cayenne GTS with Secondary Catbypass Pipes and EVOMS ECU
Porsche Cayenne GTS with secondary catbypass pipes and ECU upgrade. These test pipes are a direct replacement for the unnecessary set of secondary catalytic converters which improve overall sound and power. The EVOMSit ECU upgrade improves power by 22HP/20 ft-lbs of torque while the catbypass pipes increase by 11HP/12 ft-lbs of torque. The catbypass pipes will work with the OEM Exhaust system or you can combine with muffler system and deluxe polished tips for even more power and exotic sound. Visit

Взорвалось колесо на Порше Каен
На Porsche Cayenne взорвалось колесо - последствия в конце видео