My new amp RT1000D

My new MTX RT1000D mono block class D amplifier. 1000w RMS into 2ohm. I just realized that there are drug related paraphernalia laying around in the video... Im not a pot head or a stoner, they belong to my roomate. just to clarify things.

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MTX Audio Commercial
watch it in 1080p cuz thats how it was filmed. had to use audioswap, so no words or original music. i'm the one that took out the cardboard box. this was for a competition, i dont care either way. its my civic with two 12" kicker comps in the backseat.

2 hifonics 12's and a soundstream amp
2 hifonics hfi12d4's 1 soundstream picasso 540.2 1 dual xdm7615 full pioneer premier mids and highs

2x12D2 Focus Black MK5 & MTX RT1000D Flexing