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My new amp RT1000D

My new MTX RT1000D mono block class D amplifier. 1000w RMS into 2ohm. I just realized that there are drug related paraphernalia laying around in the video... Im not a pot head or a stoner, they belong to my roomate. just to clarify things.


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Unboxing the Crescendo PWX 6.5s PT1
unboxing the crescendo audio pwx 6.5s. i ordered two to start. it took over a month to ship, but im sure they were well worth the wait

Ghetto test bench and PWX 6.5 action!! :D
showing off my ghetto testing setup and listening to the PWXs play. LOW POWER! family was home and didnt really feel like upsetting them with turning it up too loud. maybe ill take the speakers outside and do a distance test down my court with the speakers sitting on my cars seat or something haha

MTX Jackhammer 22" on 13,000 Watts 4 HO Alt.
MTX jackhammer on 4 MTX 92001 "13,000 Watts" 4 HO alt's 7 Kinetik 2400's http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_103222&src_vid=nLfQ4x bQ0zc&v=Z1aeJrSEi7I&feature=iv

MTX Thunder 225 HO Cheater Amp vs MTX Thunder 2300 - OldSchoolStereo.com
See the MTX Thunder 225 HO "cheater amp" from approx. 1997. I just got in this amp to add to the old school 25x2 cheater amps test. This joker is a BEAST!! It uses three 30A fuses for a total of 90A!! Rated at 25x2 at 4ohms and 400w bridged at 1ohm (all at 12.5V). The amp should put out in excess of 600w at 1ohm bridged, but we'll find out soon enough. I compared the 225HO to the MTX Thunder 2300 from a few years earlier. Based on the fusing and the physical size, I was expecting the guts to be very similar. Well, it turns out the 2300 has more capacitors for the power supply and most likely more reserve power. I've seen birthsheets showing in excess of 900w for the 2300 Music created by me on my iPad using GarageBand. Video is offered via Creative Commons attribution license. Feel free to reuse my video in your projects, all you need to do is attribute BigDWiz and OldSchoolStereo.com

Cedric - Test du MTX thunder T8000 facebook/hifisound34.fr

The DéciBenz
Source: Pioneer AVH 3400 DVD HP AV: MTX 8502 Ampli: MTX TH904 6x Sub: MTX RT 15-04 3x Ampli: RT 1000.1D Batterie: Matrix Power 5000XS

Blowing up Subs! | Subwoofer Olympics (Event 4 of 4)
Sub Olympics Event 4 of 4: Power Weightlifting... aka... Subwoofer vs Power Outlet! In spirit of the 2012 London games, we put these 5 subs against each other to compete and see which one could hold up the longest against a power outlet. - RE Audio SEX -- 12", Dual 4 ohm, 600 Watts RMS - Rockford Fosgate P3 -- 12", Dual 4 ohm, 600 Watts RMS - Massive Audio Kilo -- 12", Dual 4 ohm, 600 Watts RMS - NVX Audio VSW -- 12", Dual 4 ohm, 600 Watts RMS - MTX Audio Thunder 8000 -- 12", Dual 4 ohm, 500 Watts RMS * * * Remember! The Subwoofer Olympics are just for FUN! This video is not comparing sound quality, build quality, or any other type of quality. We just wanted to show some subs plugged into a wall... because really... who doesn't want to see that? Links to the Gear: RE Audio SEX12D4 - http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_27312_RE-Audio-SEX12D4.html Rockford Fosgate P3D4-12 - http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_34766_Rockford-Fosgate-P3D4-12-11P3D412 .html Massive Audio Kilo 124 - http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_43824_Massive-Audio-Kilo-124.html NVX Audio VSW - Coming Soon! MTX Audio T812-44 - http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_32943_MTX-Audio-T812-44.html NVX Audio JAD1200.1 - http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_40252_NVX-Audio-JAD1200.1.html

MTX Jackhammer in my 01' Tahoe - 2
Just a few demos of the Jackhammer, I'll post more videos when I get the alternators and module installed.

So right out the gate we have some greatness like this haha, Do yall think mr mtx still thought that 1 jackhammer was more brutal than them 10 psi 18s beating his brains out?? let me know in the comments below! Please be sure to like, share and subscribe If you enjoy the video it helps me a ton! Follow me on facebook here - https://www.facebook.com/Thelifeofprice iNSTAGRAM- www.followgram.com/98hoeonsixez https://www.down4sound.com www.twitter.com/98HOEONSIXEZ www.facebook.com/down4sound ! Headliner And Seats Done By Precision Window Tint Seats and Stuff In KNoxville, Tn https://www.facebook.com/pages/Precis... Alternators/Custom Bracket/Voltage Regulators- All Done By Mechman (5- 320s) http://down4sound.com/forum/forumdisp... Batteries- XSpower (10- XP1000 16vs, 3 D3100 12vs) http://down4sound.com/forum/forumdisp... All wire/Rcas by Tsunami www.metraelectronics.com Sub amps - 5 Sundown Audio 4500s http://down4sound.com/forum/forumdisp... Subs- 10 PSI Platform 3 Fully upgraded 18s with dual .35 coils http://down4sound.com/forum/forumdisp... MIds/highs amps- 3 Sundown Audio 200.4s http://down4sound.com/forum/forumdisp... Mids- 16 Sundown Audio Neo Pro 10s http://down4sound.com/forum/forumdisp... Tweeters- 16 Selenium st350 supertweeters Horns- 16 Selenium various s

24" MTX Jackhammer Hummerissa
24" MTX Jackhammer Hummerissa

MTX TE1501D 3000 WATTS
This amp is a monster it will push some of the best high end subwoofers, get it if you want to POUND.

Mtx 15" T9515-44 1000 RMS
1 Mtx 15"

MTX Jackhammer in my 01' Tahoe!!!!
I finally got this put in my Tahoe, I did the whole build by myself in a little over 1 week. I built it to compete at a local shop, to run in the 1-2 woofer class, and after just getting it done the night before, and hauling ass up to the place to pay and enter.....the next morning I get this "sorry, 15" max on subs". What kind of garbage is that, and thanks for telling me the night before. They Really put this limit on because last year in my Lumina, I kicked EVERYBODY's ass with the Jackhammer :) I've only got 1 of the 4 alts. on it so far, and I have lots more 1/0 to run, finish work and tweeking to do. But that's another video....

dodge 2005 1500 12" pioneer shallow mount
Sampling the system after a minor rewiring. Boss 2500 amp (crap), Pioneer Premier 12" shallow mount, Pioneer Premier 6x9s in doors, 4x6 in headrests, 5.75s in back panels (not connected), Pioneer deh-7200hd?? head unit (love this deck). new to come: one more 12" pioneer premier shallow mount, new box for both sealed in seprate chambers (one long semi shallow box for behind driver seat, mtx rfl1200d amp (800w rms 2ohm), pioneer premier 4ch amp for 6x9 and 5.75 (trying to figure out how to wire the 4x6s with or without amp.. need advice please!! [parralel with 5.75s?]) thanks for watching.

JL Audio W3 Car Subwoofer Review
Get Yours!: http://www.sonicelectronix.com/search_new.php?keyword=JL+Audio+W3+subwoofer &action=search Check out the JL Audio W3 subwoofer. In this video, we use the 12W3v3-4 to show off JL Audio's advanced subwoofer technology. These subs play deep bass that is loud and clear. Despite the simple design, the W3 is a feature packed subwoofer. These features include DMA-optimized motor, FCAM Floating Cone Attach Method, Elevated frame-cooling, and much more! Main Page: http://www.sonicelectronix.com

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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