1949 Cessna 170A in Action

Shots of bringing our 170A home from Washington and some GoPro video (starts 20 seconds in) of her in action. What a great plane. They sure don't make them like they used to. Was N9593A and has since been re-registered with N170DW.

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Cessna 170B at 2UO Prairie, Idaho
Short clips at Smith Prairie, 2UO - Prairie, Idaho

Emergency Landing Cessna 170B
August 5, 1989 I had an engine failure in my Cessna 170B (N170JA) just as I was entering Mystic Pass, in the Alaska Range. My front seat passenger (author Randy Alcorn) was taking video -- and he continued to film until just above the ground when I yelled "it's gonna be rough." He wisely decided to stop filming and hang on but, unfortunately, we didn't get the landing on video. It wasn't anything spectacular, just a "hard landing." As for what happened to the airplane, before leaving on the chopper I walked off 900 usable feet of gravel bar. A friend who was also an excellent bush pilot and an A&P (died 2016) flew in a borrowed engine in his Cessna 206U, landing next to my airplane. Using a spruce-legged tripod made from local trees, he swapped out engines right there on the gravel bar. Only took him four hours. We flew my airplane to the A & P's hangar where he put together a "new" engine for me. I sold the airplane in 1992 and it's now near Talkeetna, AK.

Cessna 170B rebuild w 180 horse
1952 Cessna 170B driven from NJ to Oregon on a trailer, overhauled, polished, and completely rebuilt. Here she is in her first action in 20 years.

Cessna 170A Crashed March 2, 1957 and was not found for 16 years.
Crash Site Visitation. Cessna 170A N1391D March 2, 1957 (4) Fatal Located October 17, 1973