1949 Cessna 170A in Action

Shots of bringing our 170A home from Washington and some GoPro video (starts 20 seconds in) of her in action. What a great plane. They sure don't make them like they used to. Was N9593A and has since been re-registered with N170DW.

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Cessna 170B at 2UO Prairie, Idaho
Short clips at Smith Prairie, 2UO - Prairie, Idaho

1956 Cessna 170B for Sale in Seattle - SOLD - Nicest one around in the Pacific NW

1953 Cessna 170B - Three-point Landings (Exterior) [20 Nov 2014]
Some three-point landings.

Emergency Landing Cessna 170B
August 5, 1989 I had an engine failure in my Cessna 170B (N170JA) just as I was entering Mystic Pass, in the Alaska Range. My front seat passenger (author Randy Alcorn) was taking video -- and he continued to film until just above the ground when I yelled "it's gonna be rough." He wisely decided to stop filming and hang on but, unfortunately, we didn't get the landing on video. It wasn't anything spectacular, just a "hard landing." As for what happened to the airplane, before leaving on the chopper I walked off 900 usable feet of gravel bar. A friend who is also an excellent bush pilot and an A&P flew in a borrowed engine in his Cessna 206U, landing next to my airplane. Using a spruce-legged tripod made from local trees, he swapped out engines right there on the gravel bar. Only took him four hours. We flew my airplane to the A & P's hangar where he put together a "new" engine for me. I sold the airplane in 1992 and it's still in Alaska.