Eddyville Raceway,Procharged Nova

Running with Rick Reese on a test 7 tune night,6.37 ET @ 110mph @ Eddyville Raceway Park.

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nova with a f3 procharger
runs 10's at 141 shakedown run.

ProCharger's own '69 Nova
Inside Drag Racing's Feature on ProCharger's '69 Nova at Memphis Motorsports Park. This monster ran consistent 8-second passes on 91 octane gas, running a centrifugal Supercharger from ProCharger.

5.912 @ 117.49mph Eddyville Dragway Pro Charged 72 Nova new best
First time out this year,took street tires off put slicks on, opened Exhaust,checked the valves and went racing. Car ran good a little lean on top end fix next time out. Not bad for a 3600lb street car! We will get it into the 5.80s,STILL just foot braking it. Son in law Josh did video. ENJOY.........

procharged coupe
shake down passes