92 Camaro RS with Flowmaster Exhaust

92 Camaro RS

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1989 RS Camaro No Muffler
My freinds 89 RS we cut the muffler off i think it was some flowmaster it sounds like crap kept popping so we cut it off and this is what it resulted in

92' Camaro "28s & Lambos" (Part 2)
Alot has changed since this car first came in. The customer ended up adding alot more things to this so its not just getting lambo doors anymore. He first wanted just regular lambo doors, but changed his mind to 90 degree doors, then he added Candy Red Paint Job, Tranny Swap, 2 20" TVs in the door panels, 22" TV in dash board, and custom lift and fab work for 28" DUB Floaters. Subscribe and see how this gone turn out!! Subscribe, Check out the website, and LIKE us on facebook to stay updated on all Info & projects going on at the shop. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Cannon-Designs/121660201230796 Website: http://www.cannondesigns.net/

1992 RS 25th Anniversary Camaro Test Run
New motor test run 377 ci. Stock Z28 T-5, and a new 4.54:1 rear gear. Weld Pro-Star Aluminum Wheels

'91 Camaro Z28 SLP Loudmouth 2
My 1991 Chevy Camaro Z28 stock LB9 engine, T-5 transmission. I installed a 3" SLP Loudmouth 2 cat-back Exhaust. Stock manifolds and dual cat Y-pipe.