2012 jeep srt8 vs 2011 shelby gt500

a couple of races between the 2011 shelby and the 2012 srt8 jeep..Was very fun... both vehicles bone stock...very cold day , no matter how lightly i launched the shelby it was impossible to get it to hook up..AWD on the jeep is sick..1/8 mile to the jeep everytime..because of traction..1/4 mile, the shelby everytime because of horsepower...next video i will lower the music...my bad..but it is the beatles,and appropriate songs, so it could be worse..

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jeep srt8 2013 vs moded mustang 5.0 2012
Auto Mustang setup is Amercan racing long headers with X-Pipe , C&L , xforce exhuast and custom tune & Srt8 is stock rolling 0