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Sal LoCascio, The Entertainer

100" Meister Scale Corsair - RCS 150cc Radial Engine
This is a 100" Meister Scale Corsair which I purchased used from a local builder. It had many flights on it. The plane is just OK looking, with just one of the three sets of flaps, the covering not too good, and air retracts which did not work too well. However, it is a good test bed for the Moki 150 radial. The first few flights were without the cowl. I used the standard spinner for use with an electric starter. The first time I started the engine I could not start it by hand. With the electric starter, after about 4 seconds with the choke off the engine started. After this, subsequent starts, even days or weeks later, did not require the starter, though I left the spinner in place just in case. We eventually removed the spinner and installed the cowl. While the plane was well balanced without the cowl, the weight of the cowl made the plane nose heavy. We are moving the batteries back to compensate. We used Pennzoil air cooled oil at 32:1. This seems to be too much oil. We put the Hitec telemetry system with temp readout on the #3 cylinder. This cylinder is notoriously cooler than the rest and often times will drop out if the engine is set too rich or if there is too much oil. We were able to monitor the cylinder temp remotely using the Hitec system. The #3 cylinder remained cooler than the rest, though inverted flight brought the temperature up to normal. We proved that it was a gravity related issue. On yesterday's flight we must have flown too long upright, too rich and with too much oil. The #3 cylinder apparently dropped out because the temperature was about 110 degrees. Flying inverted for an extended did not increase the temperature. Therefore the plug must have fouled. More tests to follow. We did see an improvement using a velocity stack in the engine, but we did not install one on the Corsair yet. We will install it later for testing. Special thanks to Jon Hay and Jeff Tedford! -Gene Payson

1970 Chevelle 454 SS , Convertible, 5 speed, 750hp
See the USA in your Chevrolet... Drive a Chevy today,

CLEAN Chevelle SS (walkthrough)
Armdrop live Pinks all out Drag Racing @ Toronto Motorsports Park Cayuga July 30th 2011