Drag racing pontiac transam WS6 agains a Dodge neon SRT4

Drag racing the 2001 Pontiac Transam WS6 at Gateway international raceways Midnight Madness event

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WS6 Pontiac Firebird Drag Racing Music Video (Chevelle - The Red)
Racing video with music from Chevelle. This Pontiac really gets air off the line. Great video.....This Video was done by an unknown author.

Trans am vs SRT-4 Neon
fast srt 4

2002 Trans Am WS6 drag race at Beaver Springs Dragway
Running my bone stock 2002 Trans Am (RIP) at Beaver Springs dragway in October 2006. Runs a 13.62 @ 108.72 MPH.

Turbo Civic vs Dodge SRT-4 drag
http://Import2race.com racewaypark June 27,2009 http://myspace.com/import2race