Yamaha Maniac Jog 3KJ - 3KRJ

The base is a Yamaha Jog 3KJ (Artistic Special) with Yamaha JogR engine and wheels. Setup: S6 Racing S6 r1200 S6 PWK 21 S6 V-force3 S6 Torque Control Doppler S3R Vario ... etc.

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Yamaha Jog Polini Evo2 Start part1
Jog polini evo2 lc Drag Poid environ 80lb en tout

Yamaha jog rr high end Evo Jog Roost RS 5
https://www.facebook.com/pages/venomous-jOg/219187661452668?ref_type=bookma rk

yamaha jog 50cc 24mm crubz power by: M AND I TRADING

Yamaha Jog 3kj 1991,restoration.
This is my yamaha jog 1991 year made.I had bought it for 100$ in november,in 2008,and finished it in 2009 in june... now it coast about 400$))