445 FE Ford 390 with Survival stroker kit on dyno

390 Ford FE with 4.250 stroke, Edelbrock heads, Edelbrock 750 carb, hydraulic roller cam, Performer RPM intake, 9.8:1 compression, 93 octane pump gas during testing

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Ford 390 FE on dyno - 387 horsepower
Very simple Ford 390. Cast hypereutectic .030 over pistons, 9.75:1 compression pump gas. Edelbrock heads and Performer RPM intake without modification. Cam is a Comp 280H hydraulic with 230 duration at .050 and .519 lift. Carb is a 750 vacuum secondary. Made 387 horsepower at 5100 RPM, and made 399 pounds of torque at 4200. Torque was very flat and smooth - stayed above 390 from 3500 to 4900.

Ford 390 FE dyno run - stroked to 445 cubes - 521 horsepower
This is a Survival Motorsports built 445 FE, based on a Ford 390 engine. Compression is 9.8:1 and it is running on pump premium. Heads and intake are modified Edelbrock parts. Cam is a custom hydraulic roller for great power and no break-in worries. Carb is a Holley 750 double pumper. Oil pan on this one is a special Canton dual sump "T" type for rack & pinion conversions on earlier Mustangs - pretty trick. Engine made 521 horsepower at 5800 RPM, revving freely past 6000. Torque was really strong and flat curve - over 530 from 4000RPM all the way through 5000RPM.

Blown 427 Ford FE on alky on dyno 1083 horsepower!
496 cube 427 based Ford FE engine running a BDS Air-Loc blower on alchohol. So far we are at 1083 horsepower at 6000 RPM and 1007 pounds of torque at 5100 RPM. My Dyno is not really able to hang on to this one - so we have only made a couple short bursts - still sounds pretty cool. Only showing 13.8 pounds of Boost. We will be checking things over and might try one more time before we are done

Driving my 1965 Ford Galaxie 500XL 445 Stroker Ford FE
Driving my Hot Rod 1965 Galaxie 500XL with a 390 FE Ford base 445 FE Stroker engine. It has an Edelbrock RPM intake with a MightyDemon 800 carb and Edelbrock heads. A Comp solid lifter falt tappet cam with .605 lift and 248 deg duration at .050 lift Harland Sharp Roller Rockers and shafts, billet rocker stands with end stands. Transmission is a TCI Streetfighter C-6 with 3500 stall convertor and 3.70 gears, Tracl-Loc Differential, Currie Nodular 9", Billet Pinion Retainer and 31 spline forged alloy axles.