Mini Cooper Rally Car walk around - engine and interior...Hawthorn and Clark

Walk around of the Mini Cooper Rally Car for sale by Hawthorn and Clark... interior and engine

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MINI Cooper Meet! - 'Go Cart on Steroids'!
MINI Cooper Meet! Mini enthusiasts from North America and even at least one from Europe converged on Penticton in the California to Penticton meet for the Mighty Mini. So we are driving along and see these amazing little cars in the hotel parking lot, time to pull over and check them out. One of the owners tells us that they are racing up at Penticton Speedway, so up we go. We arrived just as they were finishing so we make our way back to the hotel where the cars are on display and owners and members in Mini Club are catching up. One thing leads to another and we make new friends, learn about the cars and get a ride, this is the best job in the world. Car of the Century!

1380 Mini onboard footage. Wiscombe Park July 2009

National Capital Rally 2014. Classic Mini on SS2
This is Ricoh 1. Changing road conditions and a mix of fast and tight roads mean't it was either going to be all good . . . or bad. What are the odds of stuffing up the one corner in the forest where Ross Dunkerton is sitting with a video camera?

New Mini Production
Watch the birth of the new Mini from start to finish. Filmed in 2014. 0:00 Pressing Plant 1:54 Body Construction 5:57 Paint Shop 7:37 Assembly