TX2K11 Bikini Contest

Houston Tx @ Frank-N-Stains

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TX2K11 Bikini Contest 2

TX2K11 - Fighting over parking spot
Older big guy was trying to save a parking spot for the Titan Motorsports TT Lambo.

( . )( . ) TX2K12 Bikini Contest BEST VIEW
Here is the closest action to the TX2k12 Bikini Contest... you can almost taste it. TX2K12 Bikini Contest at Frank-N-Steins Grill. Also a special thanks to the Idiots who started fist fights and burnouts many cops were called. Glad we were safe behind the gates with the ladies . Video By: http://www.Gearheadflicks.com Facebook http://facebook.com/gearhead.flicks

TX2K11 Bikini Contest Part 3 HD 1080P