YOU....Pull Over!

I was having an awesome ride till this happened lol :P If anything he could have thrown the book at me and taken my baby away but i got very lucky......again hehehe Lane Splitting is NOT illegal in the state of Victoria Australia OR illegal to not have ya Licence On you when pulled over by police. Why didn't i run? LOL, yeah that would have been a good idea, when he was right behind me and could read my plate, sure i would get away, only to find them waiting at my door when i got home.... Why did i lane split?...because the person driving in the right hand lane was finding it difficult to stay in their lane, which is why i glance at my right mirror just after passing them because they almost forced me into the undercover cop car to the left. I'm here for a good time, not a long time...if you don't like the way i ride...why watch this video? i've been riding the same way for 20 years. By all means troll away & to the rest of you, cheers for watching...YOU ROCK! :)

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Cop almost hits biker and pulls him over
skip from 1:10-3:10 hes just running my license. I was riding straight in my own lane and this cop swerved into my lane, and came within 6 inches from hitting my front tire. He claimed I was weaving in and out of traffic which is a bunch of bs. He was not in a squad car so he called in the biker cops to pull me over. I did NOT get a ticket. OBVIOUSLY FILMED FROM MY CELL PHONE.

Hectic Road Bike Crashes & Motorcycle Mishaps [Ep.#11]
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Ducati 1199s Panigale & CBR600RR Lowside On The Snake | Johnny5sWorld
On a cold Sunday there were 4 lowsides that I knew of, this is the video for two. Sorry for the shaky footage (more details below) CBR600RR - Q2 Tires, track bodywork ziptied together. Rider was on cold tires moments before lowside. Pressures were also too high for the weather. No injury to rider, just cosmetic damage to the bike. Ducati Panigale - 1199s was a rental from, rider was from out of town and only had two days on the bike. bike was damaged heavily from frame, forks, wheels & bodywork. Rider only had minor bruises and road rash to right forearm. Bike carried full coverage from rental so a $2500.00 vehicle waiver will be charged for the damage. Follow me on Instargram for more moto-related content: Footage Captured: GoPro Hero 3+ Video Edited: Sony Vegas Pro 12 (Platinum Edition) Audio Created/Edited: Fruity Loopz/VirtualDJ (DJ Rinzler) Speed is in MPH. "I came in to hot and want onto the double yellow and just washed out" - Ducati Rider

Motorcycle Fail Win Compilation - Funny Videos
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