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Delorean/ Renault UN1 Transmission shifting demonstration
A view of a split transmission to a 1981 Delorean, 5 speed Renault UN1 transmission undergoing an inspection.

1975 Volvo 242 Ford V8 swap start up
Starting up my freshly built v8 swap Volvo 242, Ive been working on this car for a few months, stock 1987 5.0 w/ T5 trans. car has sat in a forest 1988-2008, ...

Delorean Cooling Temps
My 81 Delorean, Has had some issues retaining its coolant and i believe one of the head gaskets is leaking combustion pressure into the coolant jacket when it ...

1975 V8 Volvo Test drive
Quick blast down the street in my fresh build, a '87 Ford 5.0/T5 in my 1975 242. Still needs work but she is a joy to drive.