Magnetic Generator To Power Your Home

A magnetic generator that provides more than enough electricity to power your home.

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Why There Are No Magnetic Generators For Sale This video shows exactly why the magnetic generator has been suppressed and why you aren't going to see any in your local store any time soon!! If you want one you're gonna have to build one your self! See for more information.

Check out this purported "Free Energy Wheel" that was made using ring magnets that were removed from (7) junked microwave oven magnetrons, as well as some scrap parts & supplies I had laying around. There are a few of these "Free Energy Wheel" ring magnet videos on Youtube. Just as my other "Free Energy" videos, I duplicated this device in order to show my viewers if it really works as shown, or it is just another "Free Energy Scam". Hopefully this video will save people time and money. Unless YOU yourself have tried this, and have a video on your channel showing what you claim with every detail, then please do not post silly comments telling me what I did wrong. Thanks For Watching! *My latest "FREE ENERGY" Scam video(Magnetic Resonator): **My Video Playlists here: **For GREAT deals(Usually cheaper than EBAY) on electronics, drones, automotive tools, household items, phone accessories, locksmith tools, & much more, please visit the link below and SAVE IT AS A BOOKMARK on your computer or smartphone to Banggood for future purchases. (Your purchase supports my channel!) All Items: Flash Deals: **Try these money saving coupon codes, or ask if other codes are available: 6% off everything: affiliate6 17% off US or EU items: 17%USACCESS or 17%EUACCESS 12% off Home & Garden: BGHome 12% off electronics: elec or measure 8% RC Toys & Hobbies: ToysHo **If you appreciate "Hoax-Free" videos, then please support the creation of more electronicsNmore videos: ***If you enjoy watching my videos, please show your support by SUBSCRIBING, POSTING LINKS to my videos on other websites & blogs, rating a "THUMBS UP", and watching my video playlists. Doing so helps to ensure that many more videos will be released in the future. (Views are essential to ensure this channel remains in an active state)***

Free Energy BS! || Magnet PC Fan, Bedini Motor
Support me for more videos: Previous video: Facebook: Twitter: In this video I will present you how the infamous magnet PC fan and the Bedini motor supposedly create free energy and explain in detail why that is definitely not possible. Music: 2011 Lookalike by Bartlebeats You want to support my videos? You can browse and buy tools&materials from my Amazon Store. This way I get a small commission: Or you feel super generous and want to use this Amazon link as your Amazon home page. And do not worry, your purchases are all anonym and the prices are all the same: kCode=ur2&site-redirect=de&tag=great043-21&linkId=ORZEQZEOVJAFURCZ linkCode=ur2&tag=gre09a-20&linkId=I5NDCEAVCD2OWM4S

Inventor demonstrates his motor powered with permanent magnets.
According to established 1860 laws of thermodynamics perpetual motion violates 1st and the 2nd laws thermodynamics! Well, definitely it was true 140 years ago and still applies many in efficient machinery today. But the humanity is endowed with the creative Spirit of the Creator therefore Pioneers will push the berries of ignorance and limitations. They will invent and create breakthroughs, they will come up with amazing solutions. Look at the gadgets that we have today, computers and space technology. If you believe that permanent magnet powered motor is impossible? You definitely need a upgrade and update for your believe system. Bro we live in 2017 you know and not 1860 anymore! Wake up! IN THIS VIDEO: Muammer Yildiz demonstrates his permanent magnet powered motor in Delft University, Holland. Turkish retired police officer, he who spend all his retirement money on this R&D within 2 years he was able to perfected this magnet powered motor. At the end of the video he takes the motor a part and shows all plastic parts filled with magnets. There are no hidden wires, no batteries attached. He is using propulsion power of the rare earth powerful magnets. After he secured a World Patent he openly demonstrated his magnet motor at various universities in Europe. He presented his Magnet Motor presentation at the delft university in the Netherlands Please see his world patent here: Also see on Rex page his undisclosed permanent magnet smaller motor that was powering a small car alternator he demonstrated, while he was waiting his World Patent. You can read more information about this invention here: He is not the only one that came up with this idea, many others invented permanent magnet motor even before him. Please see permanent magnet powered motors list here: Many people have demonstrated similar magnet powered motors, I am sure there is lot more permanent magnet powered motors yet to be invented. Who knows, you may be the person who will someday invent even a better version of this permanent magnet motor, you will never know until you will start dreaming and making drawings about it. If you go to Ebay and check the available magnets on the market. You'll be amazed to see available permanent magnets that you can buy today. Please remember: You have a mission to fulfill that's why you here on Earth, what if your work will change 1000's of peoples life and you don't even know about it? There is never a perfect time to do something, other than the present moment. Now is the time! If you do nothing, as you know then nothing gets done in life. You may think that you don't know enough or you don't have enough education or money. As a side note: Academic accomplishment doesn't guarantee that you will succeed in life, however if you don't quit you will accomplish the goals you set in life. Often people accomplish more goals by being persistent than any other attributes the have. Please remember: Quitters never win and winners never quit. The great Master once said: The successful people are those that they visit their future before they arrive physically! Do you visit your future, often? (in your mind's eye or in your imagination?) You must... Send me a email and let me know how you are doing: