rb25det datsun vs fox body

cutting a 1.40 60 foot and consequently making a foxbody look silly. no, i wasnt asleep on the tree, i cut a .68, he red lit but almost as much. this one was a 10.26

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Friday Night Drag Racing Finals at Atlanta Motor Speedway 2009
I was given a very rare opportunity by the Vice President of Atlanta Motor Speedway to film the Championship Round & Final Night of Drag Racing at Atlanta Motor Speedway for 2009. Its took me 3 days to go thru and edit all the footage but here is the final product... Take Care Jay "Deep Sea" B.

79 datsun 620 burnout
1979 Datsun 620 in KPT, Tn Mad Raunchy burnout!!!!!

Fastest run in r33 pickup datsun drag truck

rb25 datsun truck vs integra