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AUDI Quattro 80 B4 ЗИМА

Audi 80 QUATTRO helps BMW
An Audi 80 Quattro pulling a BMW out of the roadside ditch. Luckily the BMW had taken no Damage, not even a scratch. Video by sLOW-Productions

b4 quattro and truck
28.11.2016. plkst. 23:27 - Iecava, Latvija. Snieg jau kuro stundu un atkal pietrūka vienas dienas, lai sagatavotos ZIEMAI! Audi B4 Quattro 1.9tdi un Poļu fūre - viena velkošā ass ir labi, bet 3 ir vēl labāk... :)

1983 Audi Quattro A2 Restoration Project [10 years work]
This is the first Group B Audi Quattro A2 Evolution model driven by Hannu Mikkola winning the World Rally Championship at 1983. The car was raced first time on the 1983 Tour de France and 1983 Ivory Coast Rally. Michele Mouton had the car in the 1983 1000-Lakes Rally in Finland. Now the car is going to have a complete restoration on the specification driven the Rallye Tour de Corse 1983 Project made by: