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Top 3 Angry People VS Supercars (CRAZY!!!)
Guys sorry the videos have been coming out late and this one is so short,I am back on schedule,Also I will be more active in the comments!!! Credits Intro: Many Re-Uploads 1: 2: 3:

Angry Dogs Vs Bikers - WHEN DOGS ATTACK!! (Or Just Want to Say Hi)
✪ SUBSCRIBE NOW ➡ ✪ CHECK OUT OUR SHIRTS & HOODIES ➡ ✪ CONTRIBUTE NON ENGLISH VIDEO TITLES, TAGS & DESCRIPTIONS IN YOUR LANGUAGE ➡ ✪ 2nd Channel ➡ vvvv PLEASE HELP BY SUBSCRIBING TO THESE PEOPLE WHO SENT IN CLIPS... THANKS! vvvv 00:13 Ninjaku Vlogs - Vicious Dog Attacks Biker - 00:31 FrankieMoto - Motorcyclist Runs Over a Dog - 00:55 Tal S - Crazy Dog Runs in Front of Bikes - 01:07 Sam McHugh - Dog Attack and Motorbike Bail - 01:49 That_Kid91 - Biker Saves Lady From Dogs - 02:29 MotoBroo - Pit Bike Adventure - Attacked By Dog!! - 03:58 The XT Donkey - Another Near Miss With A Dog - 04:23 MrxSlenderManx 1997 - Dog Tries To Attack Biker - 04:38 CsukyRS - Dog Attacks Biker - 05:16 OrdinaryBiker - Another Dog Attack Against Biker - 05:38 XRDanL - Dog Attacks Motorcycle - Gets A Boot Upside The Head - 06:24 Infamous MX - Motorcycle VS Dog - 06:37 Cars, Costs and Technology - Dirt Bike Rider Attacked By Dog - 07:00 JJ - Dogs Like Motorcyclists - 07:30 Ryder115Moto - The Dangers Of Dual Sport Riding - 07:37 Ryder115Moto - The Dangers Of Dual Sport Riding - 07:53 SonicSix - 3 Dogs Attack Motorcycle Rider - 09:37 Woodzman Adventures - Dog Bite Riding Honda CRF250L Pit Bull Motorcycle MotoVlogging - ** ALL VIDEOS ARE USED WITH ORIGINAL COPYRIGHT OWNERS PERMISSION. ✪ SEND VIDEOS ➡ ✪ 2nd Channel ➡ ✪ CLOTHES SHOP 4 ADULTS ➡ ✪ CLOTHES SHOP 4 KIDS ➡ ✪ STICKERS & MUGS ➡ ✪ Facebook ➡ ✪ Instagram ➡ Intro Song: Spartacus - Outro Song: [Breaks] - Excision & Pegboard Nerds - Bring The Madness (Noisestorm Remix) [Monstercat] - Angry Dogs Vs Bikers - WHEN DOGS ATTACK!! (Or just want to say hi) - It's the ultimate face off! Man on his motorcycle VS Man's best friend - When Dogs Attack Motor Bikers! Moto Madness 2017

Supercars vs. Awkward Speed Bump
!!** Wanna see the cars leaving the meet? (more action, burnouts, revs, launch control etc), click the link below: Today's video: A compilation of all the cars coming in at the Cars&Coffee meet in Dordrecht that was held last week. There was an annoying speed bump in the way to prevent the drivers from speeding (and other dangerous situations). Some of the cars were having trouble to get over the bump.

When RICERS Win the LOTTERY !! (Super EXPENSIVE SuperCars with EXTREME Modifications !
What happens when Ricers Win The Lottery and get Rich ? Or you have some crazy taste in car modifications, and a LOT of money ? You tune, and customize your SuperCar ! Super expensive supercars with extreme modifications , featuring 1 million swarovski crystals covered mercedes , S class and CLS 350 Benz ! Camaro SS With HUGE 30" Forgiato, Lamborghini Gallardo with crazy Lights and holographic wrap ! An insane widebody kit on a Ferrari 458 Italia, a CRAZY Mustang GT ! Glow in the Dark Wrap in a Mercedes C Class, Porsche Panamera GT3 Widebody, an extreme Lamborghini Aventador, Gold Plated Nissan GTR r35 ! Priced over 1 million dollars, Lamborghini Murcielago With crazy LOUD Exhaust Pipes, swarovski crystals covered Lamborghini too ! and another Camaro on 34" wheels ! Enjoy this insane car modifications compilation ! PS. NO HATE. Respect all builds ! PLEASE, GIVE it a THUMBS UP, if you enjoyed !!!!! and..... !!! SUBSCRIBE !!! → • for more ! PS.→ HIT THAT BELL TO GET NOTIFICATIONS WHEN I UPLOAD !! • BoostLust → #BoostSquad & #BoostLust • Drift Bae → #DriftBae -- You can find me on ; Instagram [ Daily small clips ] Facebook ! Twitter : Snapchat : BoostLust -- Thanks for Watching, See ya on the next one, Have an amazing day !! :) -- Credits ( Full Links ) Amazing sound lamborghinis!! With the Big Exhaust By Arrow MkTWO Mercedes Benz CLS 350 swarovski crystals covered By dradionova Lamborghini Aventador Sound & Shooting Flames by Arrow MkTWO Camaro on 34 INCH FORGIATO RIMS- FLORIDA CLASSIC 2014 By Platinum Player Carwrap Glow in the Dark By squeezybv Coolest Nissan GT-R At Tokyo Auto Salon 2016 By kaduzera Dumped Porsche Panamera GT3 Widebody - INSANE CAR By 912fordgt Ferrari 458 Italia Nimrod Katyusha engine (Hennessey Performance Upgrade) sound brutal acceleration By Dániel Supercars INCREDIBLE GOLD Camaro- CENTRAL FLORIDA SERIES By Platinum Player Lamborghini Murcielago finished with pink Swarovski crystals by toprating2 SWAROVSKI MERCEDES RUSSIAN by Юрий Гасанов Hologram body lamborghini gallardo!! by Arrow MkTWO -- All Credits to original Uploaders, This is My Edition in a Compilation formula, showing the most amazing moments ! ANY CREDIT ISSUE , CONTACT ME DIRECTLY. EMAIL ME AT . I'll Credit your clip or remove the clip. I wasn't able to found the sources of some videos. Hope you understand. Thanks. -- DISCLAIMER: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing." The materials are used for illustrative and exemplification reasons, also quoting in order to recombine elements to make a new work. The original works were altered quantitatively or qualitatively and the video does not compete with the market for the original works. There were used small portions of the materials in a new context and expression for illustrative reasons only. I do NOT own the video materials and all credits belong to respectful owners. In case of copyright issues, please contact me immediately for further credits or clip delete. ANY CREDIT OR COPYRIGHT ISSUE CONTACT ME AT , before taking any action. I'll credit/remove the clip and help solving the problem. Thank you.