Redline Time Attack twin turbo 300zx (Z32)

Clip from The Redline Time Attack series held at Buttonwillow Raceway, April 28-29, 2007. This SPL Parts-sponsored, modified 1995 Nissan 300ZX TT took second place in the Modified Class.

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Quickest STOCK MOTOR 300ZX in the World!!!
You don’t see a ton of REALLY FAST high horsepower 300ZX’s out there, and you especially don’t see STOCK MOTOR 300ZX’s running that fast… From the valve covers all the way to the oil pans - stock... check out this 700hp HX52 turbo equiped Nissan 300ZX shifted with a TH400 automatic transmission tear up the track at FL2K… the wheelies are epic!!!  The car doesn’t look right in the air hahaha

Acura NSX vs Nissan 300ZX
Naturally Aspirated 300ZX (Z32) with bolt ons.

300ZX Brands Hatch Time Attack Final Club Challenge RWD 2013
My final laps at Brands Hatch and managed a 55 second in there somewhere. First few seconds were earlier in the day when we were all still sussing out Clearways and Clarke Curve definitely my favourite corners along with Paddock Hill Bend

LS-Swapped, Modified Nissan 300ZX - One Take
The Nissan 300ZX was among the elite Japanese luxury sports cars for sale in the US in the early 1990's, alongside the fourth-generation Toyota Supra and Mazda RX7. But they can be a pain to keep running in the long term, and so LoJ Innovations makes a kit to inexpensively swap a GM LS engine under the hood. So how does that make the car drive? Swap kit by LoJ Innovations: Check out Javon's Crazy 300ZX on Wheelwell! ae20e0f4663cf6d6f/specs/