Mini Mate Motorcycle Camper

Visit for more information or to order. The Mini Mate motorcycle camper is perfect for riders who want a lightweight camper that sets up quickly. Tows well behind cars and trucks, too. Weighing just 265 lbs, the Mini Mate offers 15 feet of internal storage and fast two-minute setup. Padded, full size bed is 4.5 feet wide, 6.5 feet head-to-foot. Just flip open, throw out a sleeping bag and you are all set! We offer fixed-rate crating and shipping on the Mini Mate anywhere in the continental US. Shipping to other areas is available by quote. Contact us at or visit our website for more info!

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The Entourage Motorcycle Trailer by Bushtec This art deco style motorcycle trailer takes Bushtec to the next level in design and execution. This stunning beauty of the Entourage still carries all of the qualities that have made Bushtec one of the finest motorcycle trailers made in the world. Great styling, performance and safety features abound, with Bushtec being known for no bounce, no push-pull, and a 360-degree swivel joint hitch. Your ride will be so smooth, you won't even know it's back there.

Time Out Motorcycle Camper Setup
Visit This video demonstrates the setup and take down of a Time Out motorcycle camper. The Time Out can be pulled with most bikes over 1,000 cc and it's suitable for use with cars and trucks, too. P.S. - Don't be fooled by cheap imported copies of the Time Out you'll find demonstrated here and listed on eBay. This is the genuine, US-designed and made product. Cheap Chinese-made copies feature a brown canvas. Yes, they are cheap, and they are cheaply made too!

Fleetwood Folding Camper Set Up
An instructional video for setting up a folding(pop-up)camper.

Bicycle camper trailer for Burningman
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