cl65 amg

this got a v12 twin turbo 612bhp and the had the limiter taken off and itll now do 210mph not 155mph

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Porsche 911 turbo vs Mercedes CL65 AMG vs Subaru Impreza WRX
Camera car - Impreza WRX'02 by masterskaya Built Ej25 by masterskaya, stock cams Custom turbokit by masterskaya Twinscroll BorgWarner s300sxe turbo Low Boost / fuel - pump 98 Vs Porsche 911 turbo 997.2 mt Akrapovich Exhaust

Mercedes Benz ( removing the front bumper of SL 63 AMG )
0,4,In order to remove the front bumper,|switch off the ignition.|| 5,7,Remove the ignition key.||| 11,15,Open the hood.||| 19,25,Fit the protectors on the vehicle.||| 28,31,Remove the four upper screws of the|radiator grille.|| 32,36,Remove the first two with an 8 mm|socket bit.|| 37,39,Use a 10 mm socket bit|for the other two.|| 40,45,Note: The radiator grille remains on|the bumper.|| 46,50,They are both removed later as one unit.||| 58,63,Raise the vehicle to chest height.||| 64,67,Turn the wheels to the side.||| 68,73,Now remove four nuts, one bolt|and two expansion rivets.|| 74,76,This is the first nut to be removed.||| 82,87,This bolt must be removed next.||| 91,115,Then the three remaining nuts are removed.||| 120,129,Also remove the three bolts shown|here on the underfloor.|| 131,144,The expansion rivets are best|removed with an assembly wedge.|| 148,160,Detach the front section of the fender liner|with the engine compartment paneling|as one unit.| 164,170,Do not remove the highlighted bolts|in order to detach both parts jointly.|| 171,174,Proceed in the same way on the other side.||| 175,179,Remove the screw on the retaining bracket.||| 181,186,Fold the retaining bracket towards|the vehicle center.|| 188,193,Pull the retaining bracket to the rear|and remove.|| 194,196,Proceed in the same way on the other side.||| 197,202,Also remove the two covers next to|the front fog lamps on the front bumper.|| 203,206,Use an assembly wedge for this.||| 209,217,Remove the bolt behind|each one.|| 218,220,The bumper is now loose in its|guide rail.|| 221,223,Detach the bumper with the help of|an assistant.|| 224,230,Note: Also disconnect the following four|connectors when removing:|| 230,232,on the front fog lamp on the driver side,||| 233,237,the connector for the PTS sensors,||| 238,240,opposite this the connector for the|outside temperature sensor,|| 241,243,and the connector for the second|front fog lamp.|| 253,257,The positions of the connectors are |highlighted here on a detached bumper.|| 258,260,Reinstall in the reverse order.||| 261,266,Note: The front fog lamps on the SL 63 AMG|are permanently fixed in the bumper.|| 267,272,Since they are also removed, their|adjustment must always be checked.|| 275,279,Set the vehicle to the basic setting of|'Normal driving height'.|| 280,284,This is the case when the two lamps|shown here are not illuminated.|| 287,292,Set up the headlamp tester at a distance of|approx. 10 to max. 30 cm in front of|the front fog lamp.| 293,298,Set the unit to 2 % and check the lamp.||| 302,308,After a successful test, the SL 63 AMG|is ready for the road again.||

Mercedes CL65 AMG + Ferrari Enzo + BMW M5 in carwash
Een Mercedes CL 65 AMG, Ferrari Enzo en een BMW M5 in een wasstraat.

2005 Mercedes CL65 AMG Exhaust
Test driving a Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG. 6.0L V12 Biturbo. 604 horsepower, 738 lb-ft of torque.