Byron LLAQ Rewind ft. Goodson - Mays - Walker - Dalzell (2012)

Area qualifiers are the first step in to making it to the famous AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships (Loretta Lynn's) in Tennessee. Motosports Park in Byron, Illinois was one of the North Central Region area qualifiers taking place attracting racers from Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconisin, and all over the Midwest. 329 Film Productions Film/Edit Casey Hultgren Song: Dear Professor - Dean's List

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Jeff Walker at Monster Mountain MX
Jeff Walker training during the off season at Monster Mountain MX in 2011. This is the set up I used to film with:

ATV FAIL - original
Just because they call them All Terrain Vehicles doesn't mean they can actually go over all terrain. ATV driver tries to do some dune tricks and fails. For more FAIL visit phamdamily: olinselot twitter: momselot twitter: facebook fan page:!/group.php?gid=3171 43586425 olinseloss: Jingerrific: GOlinselot: DailyBooth: Fan Mail: P.O. Box 4012 Pocatello, ID 83205

LTM Pro Am Ft. Walker/Pauli/Dalzell
Lincoln Trail Mx hosted a pro am over the weekend and the likes of Jeff Walker, Joey Dalzell, Bubba Pauli, Derrick Boyd, and Kyle and Jordan Durham showed up to put on some action for the weekend. Here is What we caputured

TSF Digital Cinema: Welcome to Red Bud 2012
Don't Forget to watch in HD TSF's Conor Edgar ventured down to the legendary Red Bud motocross track (located in Buchanan, MI) for their inaugural race of the season. If you never have been to this legendary establishment, definitely try to make it out for one of their many, major race weekends throughout the year. Such as: The Mid-East Amateur Regional for Loretta's in June, the RedBull RedBud Pro Motocross National Fourth of July weekend, etc. Also, this has to be the most people jammed into a 3 minute video. enjoi. Starring: Jeff Walker, Jarred Williams, Alex Ransom, Dillon Finley, Dar Comfort, Austin "Still Wearing a Flannel" Wagner, Kyle Bagladi, Victor Edgar and TSF Founding Father Ashton Hayes.. that's it, that's all. hah Music: Modest Mouse "Dashboard" Film/Edit: Conor Edgar, TSF Presents; Armada Ent. Thanks To: Everyone at One Industries!! (, for the best motocross apparel and graphics out there) Naked Organics ( "Get Naked with Us"