How Steel Racing Wheel are made

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How It's Made

How to make wide wheels in the Home workshop. Wheel Horse Rear Wheels
Howdo all, I guess the title says it all really, so welcome to my "How to widen (Band) wheels in the home workshop" video. (Disclaimer - If you have any doubts about you welding skills, then please take your wheels to a professional welder. Even though I know my welds are strong I have no way of testing if they are air tight, so I always fit inner tubes. Please DO NOT try this with car wheels! This video is to show you how I widened the wheels only, if you wish to copy my idea then feel free but remember the quality/safety of your work is all down to you, I hold NO responsibility for YOUR work) Thanks for watching and subscribing, thank you to my many new subscribers as well, much appreciated guy's. If you like what you see please tell others, Don't forget the "like" button :-) Opening title music.. Feelin good - Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Music by Tracks in order of appearance. "Thingamajig" "Open Road" "Hoe Down" "Marathon Man" "Skinny Leonard" "Travel Light" "Acoustic 2"