6 Second Chevy Monza vs 7 Second Chevy S-10 drag race 1/8 mile

Elimination round at Grove Creek Raceway Minnesota.

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7 Second Shelby GT500 (1/8 Mile)
First time on a new setup (650 rwhp). Ran a 7.18 and got kicked off the track for not having the right safety equipment. Has a lot left in it!

6 second 1/8 mile wheelie
6 second 1/8 mile pass on the back wheels at eddyville raceway park

10sec monza spyder
Recorded on October 07, 2008 using a Flip Video camcorder.

9 second s-10 chevy drag truck!
9 second s-10 chevy drag truck running 9.65 at 136mph at Kilkare Dragway test and tune on 4/7/11.