1969 Plymouth Sport Satellite 440

The sound makes it all.

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1969 Sport Satellite Mopar 440 - SIR Street Legal Sept 30, 2012
1969 Sport Satellite Mopar 440

1969 Plymouth Sport Satellite
Foolin' around on a sunday morning with a Kodak Zi8 and a Plymouth Sport Satellite.

1969 Plymouth Sport Satelite
Whether you bought the RR or a Sport Satellite you got a steal. You don't see the Satellites as much as RRs. The red, white, and blue door emblem is nearly identical in shape design to the one on '65 Comet console lids; except for the size. This was no taxi cab car so was it cheaper than the RR?? It is a 383 car.

1969 Plymouth Sport Satellite
There's something with the rear valence panel that makes it either a '68 or '69 plus the grille. I don't know...