Tech Lesson 3 | Checking and Re-Shimming Valves

This is Tech Lesson 3 | Checking and Re-Shimming Valves. A new Tech Lesson will be uploaded every Wednesday. Thanks for watching and I hope these are helping! Please check out the OneOne9 Facebook page! I will be posting updates, sneak peeks of new projects, and will be doing giveaways there! Tech Lesson 1 | Tire Change Tech Lesson 2 | Cleaning and Re-Greasing Shock Linkage: Tech Lesson 4 | Installing Graphics: Tech Lesson 5 | Washing Your Bike: Tech Lesson 6 | Cleaning and Re-Oiling Air Filter: Tech Lesson 7 | Lubing Clutch Cable and Levers: Tech Lesson 8 | Changing Suspension Oil | Part 1: Tech Lesson 8 | Changing Suspension Oil | Part 2: Tech Lesson 9 | Powdercoating Engine Covers | Part 1: Tech Lesson 9 | Powdercoating Engine Covers | Part 2: Tech Lesson 10 | Powdercoating & Building Wheels | Part 1: Tech Lesson 10 | Powdercoating & Building Wheels | Part 2: Tech Lesson 11 | Cleaning Fork Seals:

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DIRT BIKE - Cylinder and Piston Replacement / Service CRF 250 450 R
Is your dirt bike burning oil and smoking like crazy? Change the top end or cylinder and piston on your dirt bike!! This dirt bike maintenance video shows piston and cylinder replacement on Honda CRF 250 or CRF 450 R dirt bike. Keep your dirt bike running like new with a fresh top end !!

Dirt Bike - 02 - 08 crf450 Valve Adjustment - Do it RIGHT!!
02 - 08 crf450 Valve Adjustment instruction for your Honda crf450r dirt bike. Professional motorcycle and dirt bike mechanic will show you the proper way to adjust 02 - 08 crf450 valves. Not all four stroke dirt bikes have the same valve train. This video will show you how to adjust the valves on your honda crf uni cam valve train. Be sure to subscribe!! More videos coming!! Thanks for watching!! for more videos.

CRF250R Engine Rebuild - Bottom End - Part 1 of 4 Click link above for full length video and FREE service manual Tools used in this video: Flywheel puller Clutch holder tool Gear jammer BOA strap wrench (would have been helpful) Some aftermarket parts that may help save money over oem from Amazon: Cylinder Works 10001-K01 Standard Bore Cylinder Kit Hot Rods CBK0119 Bottom End Kit This CRF250R stalled going into a corner and the engine became seized. Oil shavings were found in oil filter (brass/bronze in color) during diagnosis. Turns out the large bearing of connecting rod failed. The engine was pulled and the cases needed to be split. No special tools required to split cases. New parts that were installed were an OEM crankshaft, piston, and rings. The cylinder and cylinder head were not damaged when engine blew up. This video covers both CRF250R & CRF250X models 2004-2013.

Valve Adjustment On A Motorcycle Or ATV - Shim Type stmentShimType&utm_campaign=Youtubevideos - Is your machine in need of a valve adjustment? Is it hard to start or not running quite right? It could be that your valves are not in spec... This video will demonstrate how to check your valve clearances and it gives you all the steps to perform a valve adjustment on your motorcycle, atv or utv! Rocky Mountain ATV/ MC carries all the parts and tools you would need to adjust the valves on your machine. Pick them up today at ROCKYMOUNTAINATVMC.COM!!! Click here to buy the tools and parts needed for your valve adjustment tube&utm_medium=Valveadjustmentvideo&utm_campaign=Youtubevideos Click here to subscribe to our channel