Camaro Cup 2009, Sweden, #86 Freddie Magnusson, Round 5-6 Knutstorp Ring

Round 5-6 Gave Freddie some new needed points in the standings.

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Camaro SS 2010 Fastlane
Fastlane's Stage 1 Camaro Package (Stage 1 400 RWHP) Features the pipeline air intake: Massive 4 Aluminum construction true cold air intake. Draws air from lower grill opening. CNC Machined MAS Air Flange. Installs with stock PCV system. Requires bolt on relocation of windshield washer reservoir. Lifetime dry air filer No oil! Exhaust: 1.75 Stainless Steel Exhaust Headers with 3/8 Flanges and 3 Collectors, High Flow 3 Catalytic Converter X Pipe with 3 V-Band style flanges (Never Wear Out or Leak) 3 Stainless Cat-Back Exhaust with 3 Stainless tuned Mufflers. Stock Oxygen Sensor Location (No Extensions Required) all TIG welded construction Tuned for 400 RWHP and 415 RWTQ by the masters at Fastlane.

Start accident, Camaro Cup 2012 at Ring Knutstorp
Start crash during the Camaro Cup race (STCC Support) at Ring Knutstorp